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This app lets you Capture and Revisit Memories in Virtual Reality allowing you to Relive the Past Moments

A company is working on an app that allows users to capture the memories, and revisit and interact with them later in virtual reality any time – kind of reliving the past.

Memories and the people in it could really feel comforting when you miss someone or something from your past. Photos and videos had allowed people to watch their delightful past moments any time they want. But with modern day technology, this app had made possible to relive those moments by interacting or being active in the past, thanks to virtual-reality tech.

California-based Wist labs is developing a smartphone app that will allow users to record unforgettable life experiences and turn it to 3D-World for users to watch and relive the moment at any point of time later in life.

Vivid – VR App

Called “Vivid” – the virtual-reality application lets people capture the life moments with the help of smartphones, analyzes the 3D information of the footage and transforms the 2D video into an immersive three-dimensional world for people to interact and relive the past.

Likely as the plot of Black Mirror’s ‘The Entire History of You’, where people can access memories through an implanted device that records their every move, this VR app fetches similar kind of experience with the help of technology.

“Don’t Just look at memories. Step inside them,” writes Wist labs.

With the app’s technology, users can rewind, zoom in, and examine the captured scenes, that feels more or less like living in them. Utilizing the smartphone’s sensors like LiDAR (on Pro iPhones & iPads) and software with 3D capture technology, Vivid app collects the necessary information for converting it to 3D world. It detains the footage’s color, depth, device pose, audio and scene information while capturing.

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Join the Beta

Vivid app then lets you to revisit the memories by playing it in VR headsets, for making the moments to be more immersive. The app is currently in its beta stage and is designed to be paired with a Meta’s Quest VR headset and also allows inviting friends to relive the memories.

Andrew McHugh, the founder of Wist, revealed that the right combination of this technology could create spatial moments in time that one can step back into. In parallel to this app, a firm called re;memory works on a technology that enables people to reconnect with their dead loved ones with the help of AI & deep-fake technology. It’s like reuniting with your late lovable person. Take a read, if interested.

Coming to Vivid, at this early stage, the 3D videos generated appears glitchy with noises on part of the screen. However, Wist aims to enhance the app’s performance before its official release.

The beta version of Vivid is available on iOS and Wist allows anyone to sign up for the beta or join the waiting list, by filling out this form. Wist prefers users to own latest model of iPhones and a VR headset for participating in the beta.

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