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Samsung is making ‘Galaxy Smart Ring’: Features, Price & Launch Date

Samsung adds another wearable in its product-hub – “Smart Rings”. The firm is working on a Galaxy Ring, that will proffer better health tracking features and more.

Wearables are potentially expanding after smart watches became a huge hit. Companies are giving a shot on exploring new tech-wearables like smart bracelet and smart rings. Smart rings like ‘Oura’ already prevails in the market and big techs like Samsung, Apple wanted to take part in the niche too.

Samsung has been developing a new smart ring wearable, that will help in health-assistance mainly.

Samsung ‘Smart’ Galaxy Ring

As the rings would have a closer contact with a person, always into the fingers, smart rings are emerging as effective wearable for health-tracking features and also for few other tech features.

According to the patent filings, the smart galaxy ring may equip both ECG and PPG sensors, for measuring heart rate as well as monitoring body temperature. The idea of smart rings is to bring health-assisted features without watching the screen, as it could be distracting sometimes. Thence, it might not have any display on it. Even if it has, don’t expect notifications on the ring.

However, the ring will connect to your smartphone via an app, for fetching your health data and recording it over time. Samsung collaborates with Japan’s Meiko for the manufacturing of circuit boards for its smart rings, sources said.

Earlier patent of Samsung regarding smart rings also entails that, it might enable seamless hand or finger-tracking uses by pairing it with XR glasses. Samsung is also in works of XR Glasses, and the galaxy smart ring will add up to its ecosystem for effective control in the extended reality. Anyhow, this pairing is not yet confirmed.

Price & launch of Galaxy Ring

Samsung hasn’t yet started production and the surety of smart ring becoming a reality is based on the firm’s prototype’s performance. Regarding the price, as the smart ring has to incorporate more sensors into a small space, the cost of the ring might not be affordable to everyone. Finland’s Oura, the leading smart ring making firm currently, offers its rings at $299 (₹24,515). And we can expect that Samsung’s ring would also be around this price-tag.

Smart ring by an Indian firm have enabled digital payments in them, letting people to pay seamlessly using NFC technology, showing that smart rings could create a valuable market like what smart watches are now.

Samsung filed the trademark for the Galaxy Ring with Korea Intellectual Property Information Search in February 2023 and started the development of the ring in mid-July, The Elec reported.

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