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This Gaming VR Headset will kill you in Real Life if you Die in the Game

Ever seen a weird, scary product that possibly slay you for using it? Well, technology had gone too far to cut humans’ lives besides taking away their jobs. It’s not kind of suicide machine, but just a gaming headset developed by Oculus VR founder. How crazy he is.

You might have heard of immersive gaming experience which VR provides, but this can be called as ‘peak of immersion’, that actually costs your life. It’s real.

Founder of Oculus VR headsets, who sold his company to Facebook, Palmer Luckey has created a VR Headset that would kill you in real life the moment you die in a game. The headset will burst into pieces causing the same to your head too.

But why does anyone need / will to use this headphone? What’s the purpose of it? I was too popping out with same questions.

Deadly VR Headset

Palmer Luckey started working on this headset taking inspiration from popular novel and anime series Sword Art Online (SAO). SAO is a story about players who are trapped in a massive VR combat simulator where the only way to survive is to win or escape.

Sword Art Online series

Users playing the game will be laced into “NerveGear” tech headset, entitled with charges to explode, destroying the brain of the user as soon as ‘Game Over’ displays on the screen. Killing VR headset also equips anti-tamper mechanism, that will make it impossible to remove the headset or destroy it by users, if they are in the verge of ‘Game Over’.

Luckey is only halfway to design this NerveGear headset, he laments and the perfect VR half of the equation could still be years away.

The deadly headset got aired by him on November 6, 2022, which is the day the first NerveGear set was activated in SAO series.

Who will play the game?

No one is actually playing games on this thing, Luckey says. He has not even tried the headset by himself, since some kind of miscalculation might accidentally kill him. How irony this would be, if happened!

However, Luckey labels the headset as a piece of “office art”, to showcase that he had made such a creepy no-one-wanted deadly headset.

“At this point, it is just a piece of office art, a thought-provoking reminder of unexplored avenues in game design.”

He claims that it’s the only VR headset in existence capable of killing the user.

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Despite, what he have designed correlates with what he is doing now, with his Anduril Industries which develops an AI-based surveillance and defense systems for U.S. military. The company got a $1billion contract to lead counter unmanned systems to work for the US Special Ops Command.

No wonder, even if Luckey will be called by Russia to make weird killing systems for its military.

Let us know how you perceive this technology’s extent in human’s life!

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