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Google Searches for “AI Girlfriend” increases by 2400%; People started dating AI

As AI tools and software surge in usage, there also been another sector where AI is most wanted for – relationships and intimacy. The 2400% increase in google searches for “AI Girlfriend” says so.

The revolutionary technology of 21st century – generative AI, not only helps in achieving efficacy and productivity of performing tasks but also in being a companion to people, forming a relationship with users. Human interactions with computers or machines have been evolving and AI is the ultimate place where it had led to, as of now.

With readily available AI chatbots such as google assistant, Siri, Snapchat’s My AI and so on, people don’t hesitate to have an intimate chat with the tech. Moreover, people are stepping online to find a virtual girlfriend, so called AI girlfriend, and this has caused a 2400% surge in google searches for the term ‘AI Girlfriend’.

AI Companion

According to AI Product Reviews, there are over 73,000 searches each month for AI relationships bots. And monthly search volume for “AI girlfriend” hits 49,500 per month, leaving “AI friends” at 10,100 searches and “AI boyfriends” following at 3,700 monthly searches.

Google Trends data shows a whopping 2,400% surge in the search of AI girlfriends, where people look for apps, and chatbots to build a relationship with an imaginary girlfriend. Many apps including Romantic AI, Replika, iGirl are swirling around in the internet fulfilling this.

Technology has been a mediator, connecting people together online, which is in case of dating and social media apps, like tinder, bumble and Instagram. Now, the AI tech takes it to the next step, wherein it by itself involves as a virtual person to communicate and connect. The significant part here is that you can modify your AI girlfriend’s character based on your desires and preferences. You can choose between shy and flirty, calm and entertaining and so on.

Romantic AI app

“Have you ever dreamed about the best girlfriend ever?” writes Romantic AI. These apps try to portray that there are no red flags with AI-girlfriend, as the girlfriend itself is designed by you.

However, it obviously has handful of downsides. If you are choosing an AI girlfriend, you may have to accept that your partner is not just yours, but for every user of the app. The 2014 movie “Her” depicts the scenario well.

People are desperate for love

Climbing Mt.Everest is far easier than finding a loyal love nowadays. Modern relationships are getting messy, as people started to live for temporary pleasures, renouncing permanent peacefulness. The new terms such as open-relationship, situation-ship dilute the importance of being loyal and the road leads to nowhere, but to start again from the beginning.

One who is affected by this, or one who is an introvert for whom getting along with people is challenging as hell or one who is desperate for love, have the simplest option of getting a partner in this modern world, that’s via technology – AI. A study by Attractiontruth found that 1 in 5 men on dating apps are turning to AI in hopes of scoring better responses from potential matches.

People are also indulging in sexting with these AI chatbots. Report shows 24,250 monthly searches for AI sex chat-related terms.  Indeed, influencers are creating their own AI clone version, wherein users pay for chatting and sexting. For instance, Caryn Marjorie, a Snapchat influencer, revealed her ChatGPT-powered clone of herself – CarynAI, which costs $1 per minute to have all kinds of chitchats with her.

These statistics raise intriguing ethical and societal questions that will undoubtedly shape our future. In a recent UK poll conducted by YouGov, participants were asked, “How would you feel if a romantic partner of yours was exchanging sexual messages with an AI chatbot?” The majority, a whopping 58%, admitted they’d be hurt by the idea, while only 12% were okay with it.

Though people find chatting with AI delighting, they tend to expect the same kind of behavior in real people, which for sure will not happen. However, tech will continue to evolve and next in the row of this domain would be “AI-powered sex robots”.

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