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Google launches AI Courses for Free in its Google Cloud: Anyone can Register

Free AI Courses by Google

People who are looking to upskill their career with AI, here is a great opportunity by Google. Google Cloud announces new free courses on generative-AI technology, available to everyone to register and learn.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing job-skill in 2023 and will be mostly demanded among job-seekers in 2025, WEF report says, while listing the top in-demand skills. Onset of AI chatbots and LLMs of leading tech-giants like Microsoft and Google pushes AI as a potential career demand now.

Google confronts the demand by announcing free AI courses that would help people, especially students in learning the trending technology – generative AI.

Generative AI learning by Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s new ‘Generative AI’ learning path will guide you through a curated collection of content on generative AI products and technology from the fundamentals of large language models (LLMs) to elaborating on how to create and deploy AI solutions on Google Cloud.

The AI learning path includes 11 courses with its depth ranging from introductory to intermediate levels. Each course can be completed within a day and it includes videos, documents to read and also quizzes after each course.

Courses seldom require any pre-requisite skills, except few, where it demands a basic understanding of python, TensorFlow, and knowledge of machine learning for its intermediate-level courses.

Upon completion Google will indeed offer a virtual badge, which users can share on their social network. The badge will be displayed on Google Cloud’s Skill Boost profile, each time you finish a course in the platform.

Few courses consist of a lab, which users have to purchase an individual subscription or can unlock the same for free by participating in various campaigns.

Here is the list of courses:

  1. Introduction to Generative AI
  2. Introduction to Large Language Models
  3. Introduction to Responsible AI
  4. Generative AI Fundamentals
  5. Introduction to Image Generation
  6. Encoder-Decoder Architecture: Overview
  7. Attention Mechanism: Overview
  8. Transformer Models and BERT model
  9. Create Image Captioning Models
  10. Introduction to Generative AI Studio
  11. Generative AI Explorer – Vertex AI

You can register for the course for free by tapping here and signing into the platform with your Gmail ID or creating a new profile on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud also has a Skill subscription that costs $29 / ₹2400 per month, while annual plan is also available at $299. Google Cloud has dozens of courses in its platform.

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