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Microsoft launches new Free AI Skill Course on Generative AI – Apply here

AI Skill Training by Microsoft

Microsoft has launched ‘AI Skills Initiative’, a course comprising of a free technical training on AI and first Professional Certificate on Generative AI technology to help people learn the new AI tech.

The boom of artificial Intelligence technology has created a whole new way of working, with enhanced productivity and time-effectiveness. AI has widened as much job opportunities for workers in new sectors, as it believed to replace humans in old regular job. A recent report by WEF shows that AI is third top emerging skill in workplace after analytical thinking and creative thinking. However, employees are not yet proficient at deploying it.

To help the workforce in coping up with AI skills, Microsoft launched free coursework on AI, along with a Professional Certificate on generative-AI, that’s actually the first of the kind in online learning market.

Microsoft’s Free AI Skills Training

Partnering with LinkedIn, Microsoft launches this free AI coursework that trains individuals in generative-AI technology, including responsible AI frameworks, its ethics and how to streamline your work with Microsoft’s Bing AI chat.

Called by the title “Career Essentials in Generative AI”, the coursework contains five topics with four hours of content. The course will make you learn the core concepts of AI and generative AI functionality by tutoring effective ways of exploring AI platform like ChatGPT and tools.

The skillset is not on developing AI from scratch, but in learning how to use AI tools proficiently for your work.

The course indeed includes Professional Certificate from Microsoft on Generative AI. “It is currently available in English and will launch in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese over the coming months on LinkedIn Learning,” Microsoft said. The skills training will be available for free until 2025 and you can take the course HERE for free.

AI Skills Challenge

Besides free coursework, Microsoft brings Generative AI Skills Grant Challenge, an open grant program to explore, develop and implement how nonprofit, social enterprise and research or academic institutions can train and empower the workforce to use generative AI.

This global grant will support organizations driving skilling and economic growth in developing and expanding AI technologies.

“In addition to financial support, the awardees will receive access to a cohort experience, Microsoft events, Azure-based cloud computing resources as well as data training and technical guidance from Microsoft and GitHub experts,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

The training challenge begins on July 17th and you can sign up HERE.

Skillset for Trainers

Microsoft also launches a trainer toolkit for teachers, trainers, and facilitators, involved in providing skilling resources and training to local communities. The toolkit will include downloadable, bite-sized content for trainers, including a new AI course built for educators by Microsoft Education and content on the practical uses of AI.

Trainers’ AI toolkit includes nearly an hour-long course introducing new AI concepts to the course-takers. The module is available HERE.

Google’s Free AI Course

Similar to Microsoft, Google had announced free courses on generative-AI technology via its Google Cloud platform, few weeks back.

Google Cloud’s new ‘Generative AI’ learning path will guide you through a curated collection of content on generative AI products and technology from the fundamentals of large language models (LLMs) to elaborating on how to create and deploy AI solutions on Google Cloud.

Read more about Google’s free AI course HERE.

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