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Our Brains use Quantum Computation naturally – Scientists found accidentally

The most mysterious element in the world, that we keep on exploring till today is nothing but our human body, especially human brain. Though we acknowledge that all are neural connections, because of which we think, do stuffs and live in this world, there exists some dark matter in our brain waiting for us to explore. Foremost on the bucket-list of exploration is ‘fullest capability’ of human brain.

As we read history of people – monks, who could control wind and water or do crazy things like walking on the water like Jesus did, and so on, there are possibilities that it could have happened, though science doesn’t allow that. Our brain is worth 2.5 million Gigabytes in terms of technology, and what if we could apply all of these on a single purpose to master it?

Well, to that surprising extent, scientists have found that human brain is capable of Quantum computation naturally – a feat that could change how we learn understand, perceive and interpret the information.

Human Brains & Quantum Computation

A team of scientists believe our brains could use quantum computation, after adapting an idea developed to prove the existence of quantum gravity to explore the human brain and its workings. Yeah, they found that accidentally, while in search of another.

Researchers from Trinity College of Dublin adapted an idea involving experiments to prove the existence of quantum gravity (gravity in quantum mechanics). According to them, by taking a known quantum system and letting it to interact with an unknown system, they indeed happened to achieve quantum-entanglement.

Quantum Entanglement

Entanglement of the two systems – wherein two subatomic particles can be intimately inked to each other even if separated by billions of light-years of space, means a change induced in one will affect the other. Could be called as a quantum-ic form of telepathy.

This formulates that the unknown system is also a quantum system. It circumvents the difficulties to find measuring devices for something we know nothing about.

Quantum Experiment on Brain

For the experiments researchers used proton spins of ‘brain water’ as the known system. ‘Brain water’ builds up naturally as fluid in our brains and the proton spins can be measured using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Then, by using a specific MRI design to seek entangled spins, scientists found MRI signals that resemble heartbeat evoked potentials, a form of EEG signals.

EEGs (electroencephalogram) measure electrical brain currents, which you might have seen in movies. If not, see the picture below.


The ultimate cessation is that Electrophysiological potentials like the heartbeat evoked potentials are normally not detectable with MRI and the scientists believe they could only observe them because the nuclear proton spins in the brain were entangled.


Dr. Christian Kerskens, lead physicist at the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN), who is the co-author of the article says: “If entanglement is the only possible explanation here then that would mean that brain processes must have interacted with the nuclear spins, mediating the entanglement between the nuclear spins. As a result, we can deduce that those brain functions must be quantum.”

As these brain functions were also correlated to short-term memory performance and conscious awareness, quantum processes are likely to be an vital part of our cognitive and conscious brain functions.

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AI can’t beat humans’ level of thinking when it comes to unforeseen futuristic circumstances, decision making on unknown systems, or learning something new. And ‘Quantum brain processes’ are the reasons behind this superior quality of human brains that even supercomputers still can’t afford.

How Quantum Brains could help mankind?

If the team’s results can be confirmed — likely requiring advanced multidisciplinary approaches -they would enhance our general understanding of how the brain works and potentially how it can be maintained or even healed. They may also help find innovative technologies and build even more advanced quantum computers.

It’s a great gift to be born as humans in this planet. Better we do atleast few fruitful acts to this world with our brains, than simply scrolling down the social-media.

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