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AI-enabled Sex Robots will replace Relationships, Love & Sex, says Ex-Googler

Sex Robots

Technology like Artificial intelligence and Robots might replace the need of human partners in life and in bedroom, by bringing sex-robots in future, says Former Google Senior Executive.

Human interactions with voice assistants and AI are getting intimate day by day, and people feel less hesitant while asking or talking their inmost feelings with AI or chatbot than with real persons. Like depicted in “Her” movie, having conversations with a computer or a machine is becoming a normal now, indeed after the roll out of AI chatbots like Google Assistant, Snapchat’s My AI, and Replika.

The extent of technology into people’s personal life has crossed the boundary, as the boundary-line wasn’t laid before, means AI was not restricted in these aspects. And now, an Ex-Google Senior Executive warned that AI-enabled sex robots might eventually replace the need of human partner in life.

AI-powered Sex Robots

Though having robots as sexual partners might sound weird, it’s actually happening in the world, wherein firms like Realbotix are making robots for the purpose. In the go, Mo Gawdat, the Ex Chief Business Officer at Google’s X, said that AI will usher in a “redesign of love and relationships” in that people won’t be able to differentiate between real-life sexual encounters and those that are created artificially.

As technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality are spicing up, gadgets like Apple’s Vision Pro or a Quest 3, could simulate sexual intimation for real, Gawdat told. The recently developed VR headset that creates virtual kissing sensation accords with that too. Researchers of Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, have created a VR Headset that brings a feeling sensation around mouth, lips and tongue, using ultrasonic transducers that feels like experiencing ‘virtual kissing’.

The VR headsets combined with AI bots will trick people into thinking that the sex robot is real, says Gawdat.

It’s just tweaking the Mind

Underpinning the foresight, Gawdat says that even mental and emotional stimuli that comes with intimacy can be recreated artificially. “It’s all signals in your brain that you enjoy companionship, and sexuality, and – if you really want to take the magic out of it – it can be simulated,” he said.

Simulation in the sense, technological advances will make humans think they are interacting with a peer though they are not, likely as in “Her” movie. Over the time, humans will have less concerns to have AI, as long as they get similar sensual feelings from the technology. “Does it really matter if the Morgan Freeman talking to you on the screen is actually Mogan Freeman or an AI generated avatar, if you’re convinced that it is Morgan Freeman?”, adds Gawdat.

Date & Sex with Robot, AI

Earlier this year, a 23-year-old Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie had revealed her ChatGPT-powered clone of herself, wherein users can pay $1 per minute for erotic pillow talks. CarynAI, the AI girlfriend gathered 1,000 boyfriends in no time.

A survey by Sexual Alpha shows that nearly 50.7% of people in U.S think forming a genuine romantic connection with a sex robot is possible and nearly 22% of American adults would consider having sex with a robot as of 2020.

Indeed, a woman who dated a male robot, and had sex with it, says that it felt like she was on a tinder date. To an advantage, everything was biased to her when it comes to bed.

The tools or elements for the “sex-tech” already exists but scattered. Colluding all the essential technology into this field, would fetch a robotic partner that could possibly replace humans. But, would that be natural?

It ponders many concerns over the matter, questioning the intrusion of technology in people’s lives. This might raise two pitfalls – people might get drifted away from real human connections to AI and robotic partners, or in the otherwise, can worsen their already existing relationships by elevating the needs and expectations from a partner.

Machines should be treated as machines and companies and government should align AI and robotics in accordance with that.

Do you expect to have a relationship with Robot or AI in future?

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