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Google with AI & without AI: What Google’s Search Generative Experience is like exactly?

Google SGE - AI Search

Google has started rolling out its Search Generative Experience (SGE) to people on the Search Labs waitlist and the previews are here, so you can compare AI-enabled Google Search with organic search without AI.

Google spoke about its Search Generative Experience in its I/O event held on May 10, 2023. Google’s SGE is powered by large language model (LLM) PaLM-2, which is Google’s backbone AI model supporting 25+ features and platforms including Bard, Gmail and Workspace.

We had elaborated before about how Google Search with AI would be like, detailing the AI features on search-page and its way of blending naturally. In case if you missed reading that, you can tap here and have a read. Google now opened its SGE’s availability to people in US, and will be expanding to other countries in the coming days.

With the previews of SGE, here are bunch of examples of Google SGE’s look and functioning.

SGE for Desktop & Mobile

In desktop, SGE appears right in front of Google’s Search page in Google Chrome browser. You can see “Try AI-powered overviews when you search” dialog box at the bottom of the Search bar.

Whereas in smartphones, Google labels SGE as “Converse”, available below the search bar. On tapping this, it will lead to a new screen with couple of prompts to start your AI-enabled search.

Join Search Labs Waitlist

Sign-ups for Search Labs open today in English, US-only, and experiments will be rolling out in the coming weeks. To join the waitlist, tap the Labs icon in the latest Google App or the Chrome desktop new tab page. Learn more at

Normal Informative Search

Searching for best places

Searching places with help of AI in Google

On searching about top Italian restaurants, the AI-enabled Google shows a list of the same with an one-line theme kind-of texts to the side of it, to get a glance of what the restaurant is like. Whereas, the usual Google search shows restaurant with a user-review at the bottom.

Shopping & Reviews

Shopping with AI in Google Search

AI is phenomenal when it comes to shopping, as it adds all relevant and needed information of the product, with also a pre-requisites to know while purchasing a product, before you head on to the actual shopping. The AI also provides the specification of the product at its right, which is quite useful, with also a tag like “Good for skateboarding”, “Good for cycling”, in this case.

Product Information

Product information with AI in Google Search

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News & Top Stories

Searching Images

Event-based searches

Event searches with help of AI in Google


Coding tips in Google AI Search page

Other queries

Google Search Page Results

Google has already stated that, it will not be incorporating AI for all google searches. In motive to serve the best needs to the users, Google will be providing the generative-AI results, only where it’s necessary, where it can be effective than normal search.

SGE is Experimental

Google’s Search Generative Experience is currently at experimental stage, and is available only in US as of May 28, 2023 and is expected to roll out in other countries in the coming weeks.

As Google yearns to be responsible or factual rather being first-in-the-race, it takes a meticulous approach in implementing generative-AI to general public, as AI are probabilistic models and can make mistakes. Google’s Search Generative Experience will change the way users interact with the internet and Google, easing the process and saving a lot of time.

Indeed, SGE is not a destination for Google, but just a beginning, as the tech-giant marches forward with its powerful PaLM-2, working on most sophisticated platforms like Gemini and destination is not yet known. Google is simultaneously working on quantum computers for uncovering the impossible, and has been clearing the obstacles involved in it.

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