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10 Amazing Tech Innovations showcased in CES 2024

CES 2024 - 10 Top Devices

From transparent TV to AI motion pillow, CES 2024 exhibited variety of technological devices that were smart, quirky and innovative.

The modern technology renders us products that’s not just smart, but attempts to be humanly smart with the help of tech like AI. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, which happened in Las Vegas from 9 Jan to 12 Jan, showcased some futuristic devices that’s a treat to eyes and human mind.

Starting from transparent TV, to AI-powered cat flap, voice companion and motion pillow, CES 2024 converged some novel techs of 4,300 exhibitors. And startups’ contribution was astounding this year at nearly one-third (1,400) of all exhibitors.

Here are the top ten amazing tech innovations displayed in CES 2024.  

Clicks cover for iPhone

Clicks cover for iPhone

For all those keyboard-mobile lovers, Clicks Technology has developed a unique back-cover for iPhones, which renders a blackberry-style look to modern iPhones. The case comes with a built-in keyboard at the bottom, which when connected to iPhone could be used as normal keyboard for typing. It connects to iPhone via a USB-C or lightning connector jutting out from the inside edge of the case.

The keyboard also brings some mac shortcuts to iPhones such as CMD + H will go to homescreen, CMD + Space key will open search. The Clicks is available at $139 for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro and the firm is also taking reservations for a $159 iPhone 15 Pro Max model.

Transparent TV

LG OLED Signature T – Transparent TV

While prototypes of transparent TV have been in display for years, none of them made to the store for sales, until this LG’s. LG has announced the OLED Signature T at CES 2024, T standing for transparent. The 77-inch transparent display is a 4K marvel that could be used as both transparent and a normal TV. Inside is a contrast film that with the push of a button on the remote, can be raised from the inside to make the TV opaque or lowered to see through the screen.

LG plans to roll out the TV within this year, though date is not been mentioned and price too isn’t revealed. However, it could cost several thousand dollars, as last year’s 77-inch wireless OLED had a price tag of $4,499 and LG’s rollable OLED ended up at $100,000.

AI-powered CatFlap

AI Cat Flap by Flappie

CES 2024 had one quirky tech device for the pet-owners which is this AI-powered cat door that automatically detects and prevents pets from entering the house if they carry prey. Developed by a startup Flappie, the device’s door has motion sensors, high-definition night vision camera built on a custom AI algorithm similar to face-recognition technology.

When the cat appears near to the door, the infrared camera scans the cat’s face and the built in AI checks if it carries anything on its mouth. If the cat brings any prey grabbed in its mouth, the door automatically locks unless it puts off its prey and enter. The device currently has a 90% accuracy and was debuted in CES 2024. The AI cat flap door is priced at $393 (₹32,700) and will be available from this Spring.

ElliQ Robot

ElliQ companion robot

ElliQ is an AI-enabled companion robot that’s voice-operated and has a small detachable display on its side. With a minimalistic sand-clock style’s look, ElliQ is getting traction among older adults. ElliQ serves as a social companion for lonely or isolated adults, where it initiates conversations with individuals and encourage them to indulge in exercises, social events, meditations and so on. It’s similar to Emo companion robot, except in the fact that Emo can move around the table and has face reactions.

ElliQ can remind individuals to take medications and do health checks and tracks health metrics like sleep, mood and pain as well. The in-bound AI analyzes the situation and initiates a chat with an empathetic tone, the way it was trained. ElliQ got into the market in 2022, and is subscription-based. You can take home ElliQ either by billing monthly at $59.99, or annually at $599.98, which will save you $120. 

Swarovski Optic AX Visio Smart Binoculars

Optic AX Visio Smart Binoculars

Here is a smart binoculars that can identify birds and animals for you, and can capture videos and images as well. The AI-enabled binoculars can identify over 9,000 species of birds and other wildlife as you see through it. It is powered by an integrated operating and object-recognition system and onboard neural processing unit. It also has in-built GPS helping you to look for species that’s prevalent in your location.

For wildlife lovers and trekkers, the binoculars could entice your journey by taking pictures in 13 MP, videos with a 1080p camera. However, its $4,799 price-tag could make you hesitant to purchase.

Rabbit r1

Rabbit R1

Technology makes things simpler. But now it got to that extend where people might become lazy due to the advanced tech. Rabbit r1 is a classic example of this. Rabbit r1 is again an AI-enabled standalone voice-assistant gadget. With a 2.8-inch touchscreen and a rotating camera, it seems as a replacement of smartphone, but is not.

Rabbit R1 can take control of your smartphone apps and automate the tasks or what you want to do in it, just by your voice command. This is what it mainly does and stands for – use your smartphone apps for you. Like, you can tell to book an Uber ride, order a pizza, buy you groceries and the list goes on. With a sleek design, and AI underneath its software Rabbit OS, R1 indeed simplifies the process of using a smartphone and is one of the smartest tech of CES 2024. And moreover, you could also teach it, to do a specific task. Say, you can tell how to convert docx to pdf, explaining the steps and then the rabbit will do it for you anytime you want. Shipping starts at march for $199 (₹16,500).

L’Oreal’s Smart hair dryer

Airlight Pro

L’Oreal has unveiled a smart hair dryer which uses infrared light and wind to dry hair using less energy.

Called the AirLight Pro, the firm’s first mainstream electronic device will be seen as a competitor to Dyson’s range of high-end hair styling products when it launches in the UK from April in salons and the summer for consumers.

L’Oreal said the device is unlike conventional hair dryers because it does not use thermal rods to generate heat, instead using the patented infrared LightCare technology from hardware start-up Zuvi. The AirLight Pro’s motor pushes the warm air created by the infrared bulbs on to hair to dry it – without using excessive heat which could damage the hair.

L’Oreal said the AirLight Pro dries hair faster but leaves it more hydrated – while using up to 31% less energy, according to tests.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Mobion

Hyundai unveils the prototype of its new Ioniq 5 with rotational e-corner wheel system, that the firm was working on for years. Ioniq 5’s peculiarity is on its wheels, where each wheel can turn 900, giving an unprecedented maneuverability and agility. The car can directly move sideways, solving parking problems and eases driving in traffics. The technology inside it integrates an electric motor, brakes, steering and suspension functions into each of the four wheels.

The Mobion is based on the Ioniq 5, a popular electric hatchback from Hyundai. But unlike the Ioniq 5, the Mobion can perform amazing feats of motion, such as crab walking, pivot spinning, and lateral rolling. The car can also adjust its height and suspension according to the road conditions, enhancing its stability and comfort.

Motion Pillow

Motion Pillow

As the name suggests, it’s a smart pillow that can move. Why does it move? To help people tackle snoring problems and give them a better night’s sleep. The pillow uses AI for detecting user’s snoring and slowly inflates airbags to lift their head and open their airway to reduce snoring.

The app which comes with it tracks sleep data, such as sleep score, sleep time and even record your snoring to play back later. For $699, the Motion Pillow comes with an airbag built-in pillow, height adjustable pads, motion system, and adapter and power cable.

Samsung’s Ballie Robot

One of the Samsung’s quirky little projects is this “Ballie”, a cute little ball robot that rovers around the house, and which is also a smart speaker. Ballie was first unveiled in CES 2020, and four years later Samsung reintroduces the little robot with a new design. What’s new? Ballie now has a projector at the center of its spherical body.

In the video shown by Samsung, Ballie served as a smart home assistant, turning on lights, dispensing dog food, and texting somebody to tell them what it was doing. Ballie has a camera on it, from where you can see what’s happening in your house, even if you are away from home. Ballie will hit production and market this year, as per The Washington post. The cost of the robot is not yet announced.

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