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21-yr-old Indian created India’s first AI Software Engineer – “Devika AI”

Devika AI by Indian

Days after world’s first AI software engineer Devin AI was unveiled, a young man from India inspired by Devin develops India’s first of the kind called “Devika AI”.

In the age of AI, where several AI tools and software gets unleashed, AI software engineer is a new form of AI that was widely spoken about recently since the launch of Devin AI. Cognition is the firm behind Devin AI, which writes you complete code from scratch for a project if detailed instructions are prompted.

Devika AI is the Indian version of it made by Stition.AI, which is a startup by a bunch of Young Indians from Kerala. Mufeed VH, the co-founder of Stition.AI, developed Devika AI in just three days after getting inspired from Devin AI.

What is Devika AI?

Devika is an open-source AI software engineer designed to redefine the process of building software. The AI can interpret complex instructions from humans, dissect them into manageable tasks, conduct thorough research and craft code to fulfill specific goals.

Devika AI excels in planning and reasoning, exploiting the AI tech to convert big projects into feasible steps. Devika incorporates the prowess of large language models including Claude, GPT-4, which renders the AI a deep understanding of natural language, enabling it to converse with humans from start to end.

What it does is – once the query is prompted to the AI, it tries to understand the prompt using advanced AI planning and reasoning capabilities, breaks down the task into steps, searches the web to gather relevant information for the project and writes code in any required programming language. It fastens the software development by easing the process.

Devika AI has extensible architecture as well, since it’s an open-source model, letting the users to add new features and integrations as they want.

How it is useful for software engineers?

Devika AI could be an ideal assistant a software engineer would ask for. Developers can offload the work to AI agents like Devika and focus more on coming up with new solutions and working on the complex parts of developing software.

Mufeed aims to enhance Devika’s capabilities by heavily relying on contributions from the open-source community. Though Devika is far behind its rival Devin AI in performance, it would be soon matching with the capabilities of Devin.

Devika is currently in private beta and the team is planning to release it publicly within two months, Mufeed said.

About the team behind Devika

Project Devika was first started as a joke, after which Mufeed, the cofounder, wrote the entire project in just about 20 hours spanning in 3 days. Mufeed is a 21-year-old boy who founded Stition.AI along with Asjid Kalam, and Vivek R.

Mufeed learnt to program when he was 13 years old. “All I wanted to do at the time was figure out how to hack video games, an interest known in the field as modding or reverse engineering,” he said. Stition.AI is not his first company. At the age of 18, he founded Lyminal, a cybersecurity consultation company based in Dubai.

As young adults of India, the team had pulled off something for the first in the country. Mufeed added that they will be doing an official launch after intensive testing and bug fixes of the AI.

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