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BMW’s New Car Changes Color at the Touch of a Button – How?

The German automaker giant, recently awed the auto-lovers and web surfers by revealing its brand-new car that changes color at the touch of a button. The color-changing car has the new cutting-edge technology, the same used in Amazon Kindle and is 100% electric iX Flow SUV.

The tech utilized is like “bringing the car body to life”, BMW said.

The concept car was unveiled in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where automotive firms increasingly advertise their products alongside mobile phone, gadget and TV screen makers. The car is not yet made available to the public, as the company is still in research and design phase.

The chameleon car on touch of a button, changes its color between white, black and grey and even stripes of those three colors. This ‘color-changing paint’ tech – Electric Ink, the electronic paper technology has been already in use in e-readers and the old Pebble watch and makes its debut first time in the automotive industry.

“You decide what you want to wear, what your social media status is – and you can decide what your car looks like,” said Stella Clarke, BMW’s project lead on the vehicle.

How the Color-change happens?

The exteriors of the BMW iX Flow features E-Ink containing many millions of microcapsules, with the diameter equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. These microcapsules contain negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. And on touch of the desired button, stimulation by means of an electrical field occurs that cause either the white or black pigments to get accumulated at the surface of the microcapsule, giving the car body the desired shade.

The specially designed body wrap of E-ink and its ability to change color, could be a leverage of adapting to the climate conditions. The white shade of the car could be chosen on the summer times, to reflect the sunlight at maximum and rendering a less-hot feel inside the car. While the black shade is for winter to absorb the heat for into the car.

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Personalization of things has been the new trend of this era, especially in automotive realm, paving the possibility to customers to decide what their vehicle should look inside and now to the exteriors too.

Other features, specs and release date of the car remain untold.

Probably the color-changing car could also let you to choose colors of VIBGYOR in future! If that (white, black, grey) has happened, this (VIBGYOR) would happen too!

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