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Technology that helps tackling COVID-19

The major grudge of the 21st century, the COVID-19 corona virus made a drastic impact in the world infecting and putting to death. Entire human population is put under risk, affecting the usual living of people. Though few countries claim of launching the vaccine, they failed to report crystal-clearly on the effectiveness of the claim. However, countries learnt and started managing the crisis, implementing the best use of medical cares & technology and is recovering from the fall. While sectioning to tech, medical field has seen a quick advancement of its provisions and assists by exploiting technology.

May it be drones and robots, employed for medicine delivery & assistance for doctors or AI for diagnosing & treating the patients, technology prevail, develop and assist not just medical but the entire world too.

Before that, have a read on COVID19!

Have a full fletched info of the top advancements of med-tech happened in 2020 in this page!

AI Driven Robots

Robots at the first cause, assists greatly to the doctors, easing the tasks which may seem simple but time consuming. As the positives of COVID-19 sees a rapid high, doctors and medical officials hits hard to frequently analyse the patients. While, that’s the case before the advent of robots. Robots made the checking process simple by taking the duty so. AI Driven Robots helps tackling the pandemic more efficiently and enhance the overall healthcare facilities.

These robots perform contactless monitoring applications, advanced medical management systems and AI based solutions (AI assistant robots) that can help medical teams perform various tasks remotely.

For example, delivering medicines and meals to the patients, checking patient’s temperature and enables doctors to read the patient’s medical data remotely. Seemingly, robots behave as a good assistance to doctors amid the crisis. As well as helping doctors, the robots will be used to gather old bedsheets and to dispose of medical waste.

On Aug 11 of 2020, Israeli embassy shared these robots with AIIMS Delhi, India for helping to tackle the virus.

AI Driven Movable Hospitals -Vevra Pods

Movable Hospitals? Yes. This startup of Vevra in Karnataka, India of Artificial Intelligence driven movable hospitals in the design of pods can be annexed anywhere either to hospitals or at open spaces. They named it as “Vevra Pods”.

The pods came in as: General Pod, ICU pod, doctors stay pod, operation theatre pod and scanning room pod, with each pod accommodating 4 to 5 beds.
What it has? The fire-resistant, anti-bacterial walled with bacterial & chemical resistance floored ‘Vevra Pods’, has controls on quality and quantity of airflow, UVC lights, high-end exhaust system, PLC integrated air-conditioned rooms with surveillance and television for patients. The moving hospital also takes attached toilets, oxygen supply provision and its pressure monitoring, advanced nurse call system and further few essentials.

The company added that the pods are re-usable after the Covid-19 pandemic, with 15 to 20 years’ structural warranty. “While the entry and exit is RFID (radio frequency identification)-controlled, the pods also monitor environmental conditions, air quality, medical equipment, oxygen supply, and HVAC conditions,” an official explained.


Conversing about drones, it purposes for various applications, majorly as delivery bodies and disinfectant sprayers.

Amazon Air Drone Delivery Service

Amazon is all set to use India as launchpad to try delivery orders using drones under its Amazon Prime Air project. The giant trillion$ firm chooses Mumbai & Bangalore for its trials and affirms to launch the service as soon as this Diwali.

The drones could carry up to 2.3kg packages of medicine for assured delivery within 30 minutes. Drones are designed as octa-copters with 8 rotors & propellers and could fly at 80kmph speed. Quite interesting! Thanks Amazon♥

Drones as disinfectants

Drones owing to its remotely access and convenience, takes the action of spraying disinfectants across the required area. This made the cleansing and sanitizing tasks simpler and time efficient.

Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19

“E25-Bio New Rapid Antigen Test Kit”, a rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19 resembles an over-the-counter pregnancy test and provides visual results within 15 minutes by detecting the presence of the virus in the patient sample.

untitled image

Also unique to E25Bio’s test is the integration of a mobile app that catalogs the results of the test by time and location. This feature could prove particularly useful in gathering valuable data about the spread of the virus, allowing patients to voluntarily share results with state public health authorities, who are at the forefront of tracking and responding to the disease. This real-time data could potentially enable governments to take preventative steps to control further spread of the disease.


The enhancements and advancements happening in the real world seems intriguing and overwhelming nowadays. Humans are consistently proving that, “If one could imagine, He/She could create it”.Technological intervention in every sector upholds the functioning of the world to the bestest. Let’s see what are all more exciting going to befall in the coming years!


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