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Best Earphones to Buy in US, India in 2023

If you are looking for the best earphones to buy, you’d ended up in the right place. The page will compare the top 5 earphones under 30,000 and under 5,000 considering all the necessary details, so that you can choose the best for you.

Earphones are this decade’s vogue likely as smartphones. People, especially travelling and working, relies the mass on it for various reasons – calls, office meetings and obviously music. This reckoned the earphones & headphones industry to peak at $35 billion as of 2020 & is expected to be at $127 billion within 4 to 5 years.

There exists a wide number of brands and models of earphones to own one, and this page will serve to guide you that one, based on your purpose-of-use, type and price range.

Things to know before buying an earphone..

Earphones – Types

Earphones comes in three designs – in-ear buds (wireless), neckband earphones, and wired earphones. Better to look for, what’s your kind of earphone. In-ear earbuds suits good for those who seldom mingle with crowd since chances are more to lose the bud while commuting. Neckband earphones are intermediate and can be opting for the mass, with only hindrance to not forget to charge the earphone. Wired earphones have no or near to zero problems, as losing or forgetting to charge the earpiece is far less. However, you may have to store it carefully, while you put it aside.

Your purpose-of-use may too usher in picking the type of earphone.

Earphones – Price Range

A good earphone starts just from Rs.350 and extends upto Rs.10 Lakhs.

Wealth Tip: Know your budget limit and probe for the earphone rather than choosing the earphone & setting the wish to buy.

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How to choose the Best Earphone?

Understanding the features of earphones eases the process of picking up the best for your ears. The foremost thing for an earphone is undoubtedly the performance and immersive-ness. This is characterized mainly under ‘active noise cancellation, neutral sound (balanced representation of mixed sounds like bass, mid, treble), phone-calls (this tests the microphone’s capability to capture the voice secluding the noise) and so on.

We also have this – Smartphone Buying Guide, explaining what to peek through before buying a Smartphones!

The following item in the checklist is its battery life and then has its comfort. While, battery life is talkative only for wireless, comfort accents more when you are all day wearing the audio-piece. Normally, every earphone in the market assures over 7-8hrs of battery-life alongside packed extra charges.

Let’s go shopping!

Earphones between Rs.10,000 – Rs.30,000

The earbuds that fall into this category stands out to be the best of the sound-experience and overall toppers of the earphone market. Out of dozens of models available, here is tabled the compared performances & features of five best earphones in the market under this price-range.

Features Sony – WF1000XM4Airpods ProBose QuietComfort EarbudsBeats Fit pro True WirelessJabro Elite 7 Pro
Neutral Sound ProfileWell-balanced
Bass could be more impressive
DecentWell-balanced that’s versatile enough for any audioFairly Good  Well-balanced
Good Bass
Battery Life10.3 hrs (continuous) with 2 additional charges from case; Total 30.9 hrs5.3 hrs (continuous) with 5 additional charges; Total 31.8 hrs7.3 hrs with 2 additional charges; Total 21.9 hrs5.2 hrs with 3 additional charges; Total 20.8 hrs8.4 hrs with 3 additional charges; Total 33.6 hrs
Charging time1.3 hrs
(5mins charge gives 1 hr of music)
1.1 hrs1.5 hrs1.3 hrs1.6 hrs
Other FeaturesGraphic EQ Presets
IPX4 water resistant (resists splashes of water)
IPX4 water resistant (resists splashes of water)Graphic EQ Presets
Great Noise-isolation
H1 Chip for easy pairing with Apple devices
Spatial Audio Feature
Graphic EQ Presets
IP57 dust & water-resistance (dust-tight & resists in water temporarily for minutes)
Reasons to buy – (Pros)Comfortable, stable fit.
Good ANC, Low audio leakage.
Well-built design,
Great ANC
Great Noise isolation, Appealing Sound Quality,
Comfort Fit
Decent Noise isolation, Very-stable Fit,
Well-built design
Decent Noise isolation, Good Mic Recording Quality
ConsBass could be more impressive,
Touch controls could be very sensitive
Poor Customization options particularly in androidBulky design  Battery life could be better,
No Multi-device pairing
ANC is good but not competitive,
No multi-device pairing  
Price (in ₹)
(click the price to buy) – For Indians
19,990  26,300  26,900  22160  19,000  
Price (in $) (For US / rest of the world)278  175  205  200  161  
(Prefer Tablet / PC / Laptop for clear-view of the Table)

Earphones under Rs.5,000 / $100

The following are the five best earphones under Rs.5,000 / $100 compared with all the essential features for you. Each equips its own unique feature.

FeaturesOnePlus Buds Z2JBL Tune 125 NC TWSJabra Elite 3Sony WF-C500Realme Buds Wireless Pro
Neutral Sound ProfileConsistent audio deliveryWell-balancedDecent profileDecent profileFairly good
Battery Life5 hrs (continuous); Total 38 hrs6.9 hrs (continuous) with 3 additional charges; Total 27.6 hrs7.3 hrs (continuous) with 3 additional charges; Total 29.2 chrges14 hrs (continuous) with 1 additional charge; Total 28 hrs22 hrs (16hrs if ANC turned on)
Charging time1.6 hrs1.5 hrs1.2 hrs1.8 hrs5 mins charge for 2 hrs playback
Other FeaturesIP55 dust & water resistant  IP55 dust & water resistantIPX4 water resistantIPX4 water resistant
Reasons to buy – (Pros)Comfortable, stable fitConsistent audio delivery,
Compact, lightweight design
Well built & comfortable design,
Good battery life
Long Continuous battery life,
Good recording quality,
Controls for answering calls
Good overall sound quality
ConsNo customization featuresNo customization features,
High wireless latency on PCs
Noise handlingNo ANCBattery life could be improved.
Colors aren’t attractive
Price (in ₹)5,000  3,7004,2745,8904,000 (Realme);
4,000 (Amazon)
Price (in $)9746.998098 –
(Prefer Tablet / PC / Laptop for clear-view of the Table)

References: (This site is an encyclopedia on tech-reviews with data-based ratings)

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