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Have you seen this ‘Screenless’ Laptop named “Spacetop G1” that comes with AR Glasses?

Screenless laptop

An Israeli company had unveiled a new next-gen laptop “Spacetop G1” that’s screenless, but comes with an AR Glass, enhancing your laptop experience like never before.

Productivity is what employers and employees are thriving for in work-life, and is now sought in the field of technology, besides in the mindset of people. Today’s tech has ensured that work environment is as productive as it could get and hence its innovation is on full swing. This new ‘screenless’ laptop is no different from that context.

Called as “Spacetop G1”, the laptop is modern day’s productivity device that has no screen. Instead, it comes with an AR Glass that connects with the laptop and facilitates a 100-inch virtual display that’s floating in front of you. Here is everything you need to know about the laptop.

Screenless laptop – Spacetop G1

Sightful, an Israeli company had pioneered a laptop that’s somewhere between a laptop and Apple Vision Pro in its function. It’s generally a laptop but replaces the screen with an augmented reality glass. The Spacetop G1 laptop comes at a size of a regular laptop, and an AR glass that sits in the place of laptop screen, providing a 100-inch-wide display that projects spatially.

The laptop is said to be the ‘future of work’ as it provides more screen-space (100-inch display is more than enough), enhancing productivity and privacy. As the screen would be visible only to the wearer of AR glass, it helps best when you work on a plane flight, or in any public space. The laptop still has a keyboard and touchpad, so it’s not fully ‘extended reality’.

Spacetop’s AR Glass

The huge AR-enabled spatial display is the prime USP for this laptop. With a huge 100-inch screen you can open multiple tabs side by side, and is best suitable for multi-tasking people and employees.

Spacetop’s AR Glass provides a 500 diagonal FOV, and features a 2X OLED display panel. The glass furnishes 1920 x 1080 pixels per eye and a 90Hz refresh rate. Spacetop’s glasses are also lightweight (85g) and thin, so that you can wear it for a prolonged time without even feeling it. (For comparison, Vision pro weighs 649 grams.)

It also allows for spatial computing, where you can handle the 100-inch display with your hand gestures. The augmented reality glass doesn’t block your vision completely with the display, allowing you to see the things around you easily. Indeed, a tap at its logo will minimize all the displays completely enabling you to be fully into the real world.

Spacetop’s Specs

Spacetop G1 equips a Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550 chip that ensures seamless operation in the spatial world with demanding workloads. It provides a 70% performance gain over prior versions. With 16GB RAM and 128 GB storage, the laptop operates with its own operating system “SpaceOS” that allows for spatial computing. The laptop also equips three AI chips.

Spacetop G1 provides a full day of productivity with 8 hours of battery life. It can go from 0 to 85% in less than 2 hours. Other features include, Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth connectivity, 5G, and SIM-card slot.

Spacetop’s AR glass also provides custom prescription lenses from -8 to +6 powers, so you don’t have to wear specs while working with it.

Price of Spacetop G1

Spacetop G1 is priced at $1,900, which is costlier than a regular laptop, but affordable than $3,499 Vision Pro. If you are willing to buy this AR laptop, you can reserve one for you after paying $100 in its website.

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