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YouTuber creates 27,000,000 mAh Power-bank that can Charge 5,000 Smartphones, TVs, & Electric Scooters too!

Forget of your Mi power banks, no matter how capable it is to charge. Here comes, mother of all power banks possessing a whopping 27 million mAh battery capacity, the largest power bank ever made in this world.

I am not joking. A youtuber named “Handy Geng”, who creates unusual inventions, such as a wheelchair lawnmower or a hat that can dispense canned beverages, focused on creating the largest power bank ever existed, just to beat his friends off, who aggrandized that they had a big power bank than him.

“It seems everyone else has a bigger power bank than mine. I’m not so happy with that. So I made a 27,000,000mAh portable charger power bank.”

Power banks are getting normalized like smartphones, more of like ‘one family should have atleast one power bank’, as it could be really beneficial while travelling or when outdoor for a prolonged time. While traditional power-banks charge just a smartphone or a laptop to an extent, the Chinese man took to this ultimate level of creating the world’s largest power bank.

Being an electronics handyman, Geng made this power-bank all by himself from scratch. Geng deployed a massive battery pack, larger than the ones used in electric cars to build this huge charger. Measuring 5.9 ft x 3.9 ft x 0.98 feet, this giant charger is not as portable as the traditional ones but Geng fixed it with wheels at the bottom to navigate it easily. He also built a protective casing and the wirings from the ground up to render a traditional power-bank’s look, and finally the charger seems to be like Mi Power-bank’s Giant-man form.

What can the 27,000,000 mAh battery charge of?

Before stepping onto the features & capabilities of the charger, let me just feed you mAh means. mAh stands for milliampere/hour, used to indicate the capacity of batteries. The calculation goes like ‘capacity (mAh) = discharge (milliampere) * discharging time (hour).

Coming back to this giant-man’s charger, it features 60 ports and can deliver up to 220V electrical voltage, almost equal to power an Indian house or 100V larger than to power a USA house. So, ‘Can this power-bank charge your home?’ – if this question has popped up in your mind, then physics is dying in you. Houses use AC, while portables use DC, not detective comics, but direct current.

However, the charger could power smartphones upto 5,000 in numbers, laptops and tablets, along with heavy-duty electronic appliances such as TVs, washing machines and even electric scooters.

Though the idea of a huge power bank seems intriguing, how long will it take to charge itself and how much power will it consume seems unconceivable. Since, Geng hadn’t shared its input specifications, we end up with no clues to calculate it.

Nevertheless, if this giant-charger comes to market, would you wish to buy it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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