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Google Wearables: From Smartwatch to Tattoos

Google, the most preferable search engine in the world with 3.8 million searches / minute, gets into business of making wearables since the past 10 years. Google allures users via its wearable technology products, that’s aimed to aid people in its own peculiar way, that’s what continues below.

Google Wear OS

Well, Google has been rolling out ‘Wear OS’ operating in smartwatches since 2014, and now steeps ahead by making its own watches. Thanks to its acquisition of Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Wear OS, pairing with Android (6.0 or above) or iOS (10.0 or above), integrates google assistant, technology and mobile notifications straight into your side of the wrist. Wear OS supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G & LTE connectivity and operates with Android 9 (pie).
Google to update the version of Wear OS, jumping to Android 11, sometime in 2021, with new features, improvements and APIs to the platform.
Wear OS had a striking sale of 13.7 million wearables in 2020, a 20% high than a year before within few months of 2020.

Google Smart Contact Lens

You may have been told about Google Glass with a transparent display for hands-free work. Spectacles could be a boring one and, Google now works on Smart Contact Lens that is way ahead than that of other lenses, being simple, safe and has a medical lead too. Smart Contact Lens project, started in 2014 won’t put your emails in front of your eye, but deals with the biggest health problem of countries: diabetes.

People with diabetes need to carefully monitor their glucose levels, but all the existing monitoring options involve needles and can be painful.

592 million people worldwide are expected to have diabetes by 2035.

Google grapples the problem with the soft contact lens that houses a sensor, measuring the glucose levels in tears. A tiny pinhole in the lens lets tear fluid seep over the glucose monitor to get regular readings. The lens also features a tiny antenna, capacitor and controller so that the information gathered from the lens can move from the eye to a device — such as a handheld monitor — where that data can be read and analyzed. It will draw its power from that device and communicate with it using a wireless technology known as RFID.

Google Clips

Google Clips is a wearable camera, designed essentially for passive use, that helps to capture your unexpected moments, which you’d miss with your ordinary camera or your smartphone.

Clips clicks ‘motion photos’, possibly at 15 frames per second. It doesn’t records audio and has no connectivity, hence no broadcasting of its pictures & videos. Thanks to its 16GB of onboard storage. It supports Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth and offers three hours of passive capturing per charge.

Interestingly, Clips use machine learning to focus what you want it to focus. That makes it $249. Google doesn’t add details regarding its megapixels, however.

Google Tattoos

Google integrates technology with your body, this time with skin. Google is working on Google Tattoos, a smart tattoo that turns your skin into a touchpad via embedded sensors.

Google’s Research for the project, ‘SkinMarks’ is an attempt in creating the next generation of wearable technology devices.

How it works?

  • The sensor-driven tattoos are applied to a part of the body.
  • The sensors can then be triggered by traditional touch or swipe gestures as we perform on smartphones.
“You could squeeze the area around the tattoo or bend your fingers or limbs to activate the sensors”, google says.

Watch the video here:


Google not only focusses on daily tasks of people, but also in providing a sustainable world in a way more technological, innovative and eco-friendly too.

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