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Apple preps for AI Chatbot “Ajax”, which engineers call ‘Apple GPT’

Apple is working on a generative-AI chatbot “Apple GPT” like ChatGPT for powering up its ecosystem with AI, Bloomberg reports.

The commence of OpenAI’s ChatGPT influenced every big tech-giants to adhere to the new form of AI, for substantially enhancing the potentials and user-experience of products and services. Starting from Google, Microsoft to Meta, every top tech-firms has deployed AI into their business and Apple was the one left out so far.

Now, Apple is testing its own AI-powered chatbot, that some engineers call “Apple GPT”, but has not yet devised a clear strategy, says Bloomberg.

Apple AI Chatbot

Apple is developing its own large language model framework (LLM) called “Ajax”, which runs on Google Cloud and built upon Google JAX, a machine learning framework of Google. Ajax will support Apple products with the AI tools, likely as PaLM-2 supports Bard and SGE of Google.

Apple has created an internal version of the chatbot, which it rolled out to its engineers for testing purposes, though it banned ChatGPT for its workers. The employees are using the chatbot to help with product prototyping. It’s similar to ChatGPT, Bard and Bing AI, providing answers to questions, and summarizing text capabilities.

But not ready yet

The firm has multiple teams working on this Apple GPT. It hired John Giannandrea, former Google employee, who headed up AI and search in Google. Himself along with Apple’s senior Vice Present of Software engineering, Craig Federighi are leading Apple’s AI initiative. Apple also is on the hunt for generative AI talent.

The report says Apple is focused on trying to address potential privacy concerns related to artificial intelligence. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that although the tech giant would add AI to more of its offerings, it would do so on a “thoughtful basis.”

The iPhone-maker though building on Apple GPT, it has not yet figured out a strategy for implementation of the same. Whatever, “Ajax” will be exclusive only for its own ecosystem, probably.

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