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Apple Watch gets OpenAI’s ChatGPT with this WatchGPT App: Watch

A new app called WatchGPT brings ChatGPT AI to Apple Watch letting users to interact with AI directly from their wrist by talking to it.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been the biggest talk of the year, with top tech firms including, Google, Baidu, Snapchat, and Salesforce launching their own version of generative AI platforms, though it’s not compulsorily ChatGPT powered. Moreover, integrations of the AI to business enterprises, browsers, WhatsApp and so on enhances the experience of using or interacting with them, making it simpler to do a task, say reaching out to customer feedbacks in case of business.

And now, it’s the turn for Apple Watches.

WatchGPT App

WatchGPT, a new third-party app launched recently in Appstore garnered more attention from Apple Watch users, for making it easy and simpler to get answers from the AI, through voice chat.

The app displays responses to any question that is asked and even include a complication (small interface elements in the Watch face) if you need it right in front of your watch face for quick access. Users can also share their interaction with the app via text, email and social media.

WatchGPT doesn’t collect any data, it mentions and is available in four languages – English, Dutch, French and Spanish. Also, users can have only a single question cleared in the current version of the app. Means, a continuous conversation cannot be made currently.

Apple Watch users can avail watchGPT app now as a one-time purchase for $3.99 / ₹328 / €4,99 from the App Store.

Future Updates coming to the App

Astonished by the app’s wide reach, the developer of the app Hidde van der Ploeg looks forward to bringing these updates to the app in future.

  • Users will be able to have a whole conversation with the AI.
  • Complication enabling people to input directly.
  • To have a history page, where you can see your previous queries.
  • Option to have vocal input by default.
  • Enabling the AI to read out the answers for you.
  • Use own API key (for developers).

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MacGPT for macOS

Likely as watchGPT, another app ‘macGPT’ rolls out for macOS users. MacGPT in accordance, brings the ChatGPT directly to the menu bar of macOS, allowing users to access the AI easily. The app is compatible with macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura.

Contrast to watchGPT, you can make conversation, generate longer messages and is free. You can even assign a keyboard shortcut to activate the app, making it more convenient to use. Always on top option in the app enables you to have the app icon show up on the Mac screen header as a drop-down application. The app gives an experience similar to using ChatGPT in standard browser, except that it’s available directly on your menu bar. You can get the app here.

What do you think of ChatGPT’s inclusion into everything we use? Will it enhance or pose a threat? Write your thoughts in the comments..

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