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What is Project Tailwind by Google? How it helps Students in Note-taking?

Google Project Tailwind for students

Google is working on a new AI tool “Project Tailwind”, that helps students greatly in note-taking, summarizing and preparing for exams.

In the wake of new form of artificial intelligence called generative-AI and launch of ChatGPT, Google has been rolling out dozens of AI tools and features that’s obliging one way or another. Google’s recent I/O event held on May 10, 2023 unveiled its AI search model, Bard along with its Pixel devices and android / app upgrades with AI tech. If you’ve not checked it, you can read it here.

Out of all its AI tools and features, ‘Project Tailwind’ might be more worthy and time-saving to students, researchers, bloggers and anyone who deal with lots of texts. This is why…

What is Project Tailwind?

Project Tailwind by Google is a generative-AI tool that’s designed to provide answers to queries on your documents or any books. It helps people in freeform note-taking and organizes the notes for you to learn or quickly understand it afterwards, sort of personalized tutor or writing companion.

What it does is that the AI reads through your documents or any files and creates a personalized and private AI model that has expertise in the information available in the docs. Tailwind when fed with bunch of study notes, and PDFs, could pinpoint key topics and suggest questions regarding it.

Like when you have to deal with a long PDF file, the AI can become your study guide, quickly picking up the important concepts and also shows quizzes on the subject to prepare you for exams or to make you understand it better. The tool can also cite sources / references to its answers, if available within the docs.

Though it’s most beneficial to students, Project Tailwind can also support a wide range of audiences, especially the ones who has/wants to read a lot such as writers researching an article, analysts, lawyers reviewing a case and so on.

Where to access Tailwind?

Powered by Google’s large language model PaLM 2’s API, Tailwind is currently experimental and you can join its waitlist now via Google’s new AI labs program, if you are from U.S. Tap here to join.

The concept of this Tailwind is not new to the world, writes The Verge. Note-taking app Notion is already working on this idea, trying to infuse AI for writing notes. Notion uses large language models, likely as Google and the developers are now fine-tuning the AI on contents of their Google drive docs.

While note-taking AI can be handy, there are barriers preventing them to be useful. As these LLMs are not reliable, there’s no guarantee that AI would not make up an information, although constrained to assigned documents. Secondly, fine-tuning these LLMs are expensive. For instance, ChatGPT’s operation might cost over $700,000 per day for OpenAI, an analyst estimate.

Anyhow, these LLMs could be so advantageous and simultaneously lucrative in its business if rolled out to public.

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