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Apple is working on a Rollable Display for its iPhones, new patent suggests

Rollable display iphone

Apple’s recent patent shows that the firm is developing a rollable display for its iPhones and hints that it might use the display in its other products too.

As the tech devices such as smartphones, laptops are revolutionizing into a new pace of display technology like foldable or multiple displays, companies want to innovate in the same. Ever since Motorola rolled out its foldable smartphone, and Samsung’s Z series became a hit, firms like Google and OnePlus too entered the foldable market. And now, Apple’s new patent reveals that the firm might be also working on a rollable display for its products, in addition to its previous foldable display.

The patent filed on October 2022, was published in the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently.

Apple Rollable Displays

Apple foldable displays are waited for over a decade since 2014, in which the firm first talked about expandable displays. The recent patent now reveals that there is a rollable display too. “The display may be moved between an unrolled state in which the display is planar and a rolled state in which a rollable portion of the display is rolled up for storage,” writes the patent.

The display might have two layers – a pixel array that produces images and a transparent protective layer overlapping the pixel array. This transparent protective layer may contain a thin layer of glass, that would facilitate rolling of the display. The display may be configured to apply compressive stress to the outwardly facing surface of the glass layer while rolling up, thereby preventing the display.

The patent generally refers these rollable displays to electronic devices, but also mentions portable devices such as smartphones.

Self-retracting Foldable Display

Apple had also patented a ‘self-retracting’ display equipped in a foldable, wherein the phone would fold automatically if it is accidentally dropped, to safeguard the display.

It aims to deploy sensors on the iPhone and a retracting mechanism on its foldable hinge, which would facilitate the automatic foldability, on drops. Apple calls the patent “Self-retracting display device and techniques for Protecting screen using Drop detection”.

Read more about it HERE.

Apple has been stacking up patents for its ‘foldable’, but not yet teased any information regarding it. Reports say that Apple might be launching its first foldable by 2026, which was earlier 2024. As many of the patent seldom reach the market, it’s unclear what Apple is exactly planning for.

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