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Eco-Floating hotel in Qatar rotates 360-deg to generate electricity for its own

Architecture & engineering together is a visual treat for travel freaks and this floating hotel in Qatar is no less a 21st century’s attention-seeking construction. Floating hotels many exists in the world, but this grabs a special notice, in its way of functioning & the justice it had paid to the modern architecture and design.

Floating hotel in Qatar rotates to power it

Floating hotels are unearthing up everywhere, from Sweden’s Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa to the upcoming Sea Palace Floating Resort in Dubai. Yet, this is beyond a floating hotel, probably a gateway of science & technology conjoining with architecture & design, in the aspect that it plans to generate its own electricity by rotating while guests relax on board.

Turkish design team Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) is the backbone behind this luxury and innovative conceptual sketch-works, which had laid foundation in 2020 and aims to complete it by 2025.

The floating hotel is placed on the off coast in Qatar, but the coast is not its permanent location as it has provisions to be shifted to another location. Thanks to its, mobile characteristic feature. HAADS has taken help from ship architects too in maneuvering the project.

The team adopts a “minimum energy loss and zero waste” strategy, CNN reported.

The eco-floating hotel’s peculiarity as said earlier, ‘rotates to generate its electricity’ works only if there is a high possibility of continuous current. The hotel accords with the formation of a vortex (circular current), that makes it rotate 360 deg, thereby providing electrical energy besides a beautiful panoramic view of bluish abundance. The vortex perhaps is formed by capillary effect (liquid flowing in narrow spaces without the assistance or opposition of external forces like gravity). The current then does the duty. (Vortex is a form of hydro power which generates energy by allowing water to flow through in a specific path, resulting in formation of vortices which can then be tapped to a usable form of energy.)

The hotel rotates, the inmates relish the sea-ish scenery with no ordeals of the feel of being rotated. The structure achieves so, as it takes 24 hours to complete its 360 deg spin and with also Dynamic positioning system, the same automated control system used in ships where rotation can be managed and fixed.

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More Special features on its Construction

The tavern inspires the architectural world with its vortex-shaped roof designed to collect rainwater to be used for greywater recycling. This is when wastewater is plumbed straight back into toilets, washing machines or outside taps to maximize efficiency. The drinking water is met by purification from sea water.

Not only that, the Turkish team has equipped Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and Umbrella (VAWTAU), wherein its 55 modules functions as a wind turbine on the vertical axis and as a sun umbrella on the coastal band.

Its floating platform makes it to move to the desired location where there is a maximum flow of current.

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One can access the hotel in three different ways, land, water and air. It has a 140-degree floating pier land route, boat from the sea to the hotel and the third, a helipad to visit it via airway.

The hotel imbibes the 700 square meters central lobby that looks like a transparent vertical surface. Each room has its own balcony to see the marvelous beauty of the sea and coastal areas. The best part is you can see the whole 360 degrees of your ambience as it rotates its position. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, gym, spa, mini-golf course and other activity areas.

So, with this you could guess the cost of a room here😂!


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