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Talking to your deceased Loved Ones is now possible with AI – Re;memory

A new AI tech now allows anyone to talk and communicate with their deceased loved ones in a private room virtually, where you can hear and watch them talking to you like a video-call.

Nothing is as devastating as losing your loved ones. People may take even years overcoming the death of their loved ones, at worst scenarios. A Korean based company found this downside of humans as a miserable one that needs to be pacified, in possibly a way that doesn’t feel as completely losing your beloved person.

This technology reminds of the Be Right Back episode in the Black Mirror series, deploying AI for portraying the faces, face expressions, and voice of the dead ones that actually feels like you are talking with them in a Skype call.

DeepBrain AI’s Re;memory

A Seoul-based company – DeepBrain AI has created this talking-with-dead AI interface that will allow anyone to have a conversation with their late loved ones and connect virtually with them.

Re;memory puts in every aspect of your loved ones, from their face, physique to voice into the deep-learning technology to produce a real-version of the deceased person. After 7 hours of making the algorithm and filming, a virtual human mimicking the beloved deceased person is created for you to interact and share your untold feelings with for about 30-minutes.

The reuniting experience with the loved ones can be anything you wish for, a real chat with them, or have a video message wishing you and family on important occasions or even hold a memorial service in the presence of the dead-one.

The Tech & Experience

Deepbrain AI utilizes deepfake technology through AI deep-learning to create complete pictural elements like facial expressions, body movements and lip-syncing of the AI-human. The AI deployed is of the conversational form that uses natural language processing and speech recognition technology to make real-time conversations possible, just like Google Assistant or Siri, but the voice would be like the person you want to talk with.

The AI analyzes the deceased’s voice samples while he was still alive to understand the high and low tones as well as the deceased’s unique pronunciation habits.

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Based on this, it creates a sound similar to the real person. A few years ago, to reproduce the voice like this, hundreds of sentences had to be recorded for three to four hours each, but recently, with the development of AI, it is possible to record voices in less than a minute.

Anyone who wants to immortalize their loved ones can avail the service wherein they will be offered a private space – a memorial showroom where a large 400-inch screen and high-quality sound system making the reuniting experience with your loved-one a more memorable and realistic.

Re;memory is launched as a paid service, but the pricing is not yet announced. Deepbrain AI has been selected as an honoree at the CES Innovation Awards 2023 in the Virtual & Augmented Reality category. The company had raised $44 million in funding, planning for generating $2 million in sales in US in 2023. It also has plans to develop AI human avatars for US celebrities.

Watch the demo of Re;memory:

This isn’t the first time talking with deceased loved ones had happened, as there were AI chatbots and podcasts already emerged to deliver the same purpose.

Scientists trying to hack the aging process by reversing them to live for ever is on a way, while this AI letting you to converse with the dead-ones is on another. Science & Technology getting dug deeper to the betterment, probably.

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