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Google launches an app “Photomath” to solve math problems with AI

Google unveils an app called “Photomath” which it acquired in 2022, for solving math problems with help of AI.

Google never misses an opportunity to expand and enrich its business, either by innovating or by acquiring companies which are innovating. The behemoth company Google with 260 acquisitions till date (Mar 2024), had purchased the math-solver app in 2022. After nearly two years later, Google releases it in Play Store under its publisher account.

Now anyone can access the app, download and make use of the power of AI for easily solving the math problems.

Photomath – math solver app

As the name itself suggest, the app provides you answers for complex math problems from just a picture of the problem, including word problems. It can help you in range of math topics from basic elementary math to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and even calculus. The app renders you step-by-step explanations of how to solve the problem.

With over 100+ million downloads, the app has proved itself in its purpose and also has a 4.5 rating on android. Photomath offers an optional Photomath Plus subscription as well, with “textbook solutions”, animated tutorials and in-depth explanations for $9.99 (₹827) per month or $69.99 (₹5800) annually.

It’s not the first time for Google

Google already offers a similar tool in its Google Lens as ‘Homework’ filter, which provides you answer for any trigonometry, calculus and geometry problems if you take a picture of the problem.

Photomath-specific functionality will presumably be integrated into Google Lens and Search over time. That said, keeping a standalone app with a pretty good name around also has its advantages.

The app might be more beneficial for school and college students and is available both in Playstore and Appstore.

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