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Dyson’s New $949 Headphones also Purifies Air But is Too Big and Costly

Dyson’s New noise-cancelling Headphones which also serves to be an Air-Purifier costs a whopping $949 (₹78,000), twice expensive as AirPods Max, and looks like a Bane’s mask. Available to Pre-order starting March 2023 in U.S.

Appending one thing to another is the new trend of technology nowadays. Like smartphone that can extend to be at the size of a tablet (Foldable Smartphones like Samsung Fold), gaming headset but also tracks your brainwaves, spinach (leafy vegetable) that’s also a sensor and so on.

Presently this Dyson’s New $949 headphones rolls into that catalogue as it also provides air-purifying feature while you hear songs.

Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones

Dyson, a Singapore-based multinational technology company recently unveiled its first wearable – “Dyson Zone” air-purifying headphones that’s not only good for your ears but also your nose and lungs. It looks like a normal headphone with air-purifying mask-like strip that gets attached to the headphone magnetically. This allows you to remove the purifier-strip when not needed.

Dyson Zone supports Bluetooth 5.0 and features a 3.5mm audio jack and USB-C port for charging. The noise-cancelling headphones has a 2,600 mAh Li-ion battery that claims to lend users up to 50 hours of battery life for audio-only operation, and a maximum of 4 hours for audio + air purification. Dyson says the headphone can be fully charged in three hours.

The headphone equips advanced noise cancelling (ANC) system that can monitor surrounding noise 384,000 times in a second. Thanks to its 8 microphones. With this, it offers up to 38 dB of noise cancellation. Dyson Zone also has two other microphones for beamforming to suppress noise from air-filtration system and an another one to detect voice audio for calls. So, a total of 11.

Dyson Zone comes with three colour variants

Air-Purification of the Headphone

MyDyson App showing Air-Quality and Noise Level

Dyson employs a combination of electrostatic carbon filters within the Dyson Zone headphone. This electrostatic media attracts dust particles outside in the air, thus cleaning the air. According to the firm, the filters lasts for 12 months and should be replaced with a new one after then. Air-purification filter in the headphone features dual-layer design to capture acidic gases like toxic nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone. No, it will not prevent covid, (not any details about it had been cited).

Dyson Zone will block 99% of particles, as small as 0.1 microns, says the company.

An onboard sensor monitors air quality and environmental noise levels in real time via the MyDyson app. It automatically adjusts the airflow when the device is attached with air-filter sensing via the infused accelerometer.

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The purification effect has three modes – normal, mid and high, and it consequently affects the battery-life to 2.5 hours (mid) and 1.5 hours (high).

Is it Worth for $949?

Dyson Zone priced at almost double of Airpods Max (which is $549), or triple the rate of Sony’s WH-100XM5 ($348) is also heavy than its peers’, because of its air-purifying feature. The headphone weighs 595 grams without the filter-strip and increases to 670 grams when fully assembled. This may seem too heavy as Airpods Max with 385 grams itself cursed for its metal headband making it heavy. In contrast, Sony’s WH-100XM5 just weighs 250 grams.

FYI, a headphone weighing above 340grams are considered heavy (and below 250 grams are considered light).

As Dyson Zone incorporating the air-filters may compromise the price and weight (may), it should have at least sought for increasing the battery-life with the filter-strip. The limited charge of four hours when fully assembled restricts the use of the air-filter strip. With an ordinary Dyson’s Air Purifier ($300) and Sony’s noise-cancelling headphone, the price adds up only to $650. Only

It’s definitely buyable if you are crazy-enough to try new tech-gadgets and your money.

(For more such interesting technology and innovative detailing, keep reading The Inner Detail).

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