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Toyota develops Solid-state Battery Tech for EVs with 745 miles range

Solid State battery by Toyota

Toyota claims that it had a significant breakthrough developing a new solid-state battery technology that allows for a 745 miles range and a much faster charging rate.

As world is on a major shift from gasoline to EVs, auto manufacturers are competing on innovating new battery technologies, fostering its range and lowering its weight, size and cost. Toyota, on the track, has pioneered a new solid-state battery architecture, that will make huge impact in the EV industry, if what it claimed is genuine.

Toyota has envisioned to produce consumable solid-state batteries by 2026, which the firm expects to go into mass production by 2027-2028, as reported by Financial Times.

Toyota’s Solid-state battery

Solid state battery

Solid-state batteries have a huge benefit over nominal Lithium-ion batteries, providing a better lifespan, more resilient and would also reduce charging times considerably. It possesses increased capacity and a lower risk of catching fire, in contrast to Li-ion batteries.

However, the materials required for creating solid-state batteries are scarce and very expensive, that restricts these batteries being a reality.

Coming to Toyota’s assertion, the Japan auto-maker announced that necessary steps are being taken to produce the materials needed for solid-state cells. “For both our liquid and our solid-state batteries, we aiming to drastically change the situation where current batteries are too big, heavy and expensive. In terms of potential, we will aim to halve all of these factors,” said Keiji Kaita, president of the Japanese auto firm’s research and development center for carbon neutrality.

Thence, Toyota’s solid-state battery tech will cut the weight, size and cost of EV batteries by a huge 50%, if the claim gets validated. Indeed, the battery tech by Toyota will allow for a range of 745 miles (1200 km) and fast-charging taking just 10 mins for a full charge. Presently, Lucid Air Grand Touring with li-ion battery has the highest range of 516 miles (830 km) amidst EVs.

Green Vehicles

The firm also stated that it will be producing all solid-state batteries by itself, marking an advantage over other EV makers, including Tesla. Tesla has partnered with Panasonic and LG Energy solutions for their EV batteries containing nickel and cobalt.

Toyota has also been in process of elevating the performance of liquid lithium-ion batteries by enhancing square batteries’ energy density. In addition, the firm also pushes sales of fuels cells that use Mirai’s hydrogen units for labelling its presence in the fuel-cell industry. It has already received bids for 100,000 units by 2030, Toyota told.

Toyota’s this breakthrough might drastically increase efficiency of EV batteries in future.

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