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10 Best Innovative Tech Products / Gadgets in CES 2022

CES, briefed as Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). CES happens once in every year, wherein companies showcase their newly designed or concepted innovative or technological product to the public. The show has been in existence since 1967, the first show being held in June of that year in New York City.

This year, CES 2022 was held in Las Vegas, USA between Jan 5 – Jan 8 of this year and 40,000 attendees partook the show with over 30% of them from outside the US representing 119 countries.

Amidst the revealed tech products in the show, here is ten of them, the best innovative techs of this year.

Shiftall VR Gadgets – Immersive Virtual World

As world is gradually adapting to AR & VR, Shiftall – a US based company owned by Panasonic, leverages it by announcing not just one, but three VR gadgets in CES 2022. Shiftall focusses on Metaverse, and its new MegeneX, PebbleFeel & Mutalk pays justice to it.

MegeneX is an ultra-lightweight an ultra-high-resolution VR headset compatible with SteamVR and features a foldable frame & built-in speakers in its head-mounted display. The VR headset’s 1.3-inch OLED microdisplay features a total resolution of 5.2K an 120Hz refresh rate.

It also intended to help prevent headset fatigue, a common issue faced by VR users after extended use of the headsets.

The second one – PebbleFeel, as could be guessed by its name, is a device strapped at the back of the user’s body, allowing them to feel the temperature of the VR environments that they’re exploring. PebbleFeel uses Peltier element (small enough to fit in the palm of your hand) to heat up or cool down the human body and the firm calls it ‘personal air conditioner’.

Mutalk – the last one, is designed to be a Bluetooth microphone built specifically to suppress “leaked sound”. Mutalk minimizes the ambient noises from your home, to fetch you a more immersive virtual environment. Also prevents the users’ voices from intruding on the quiet time of anyone else nearby.

Noveto N1 – Modern Era’s Smart Speaker

Brave yourselves to experience the next level of speakers, that aims to beam sound straight to your ears, as if you wear headphones. This isn’t some fantasy, but existing in reality. Noveto N1 – the smart speaker uses beamforming technology to create a binaural audio experience without the need for a pair of headphones, which means the speaker’s music can only be heard by the user, not everyone in that room.

Yes, the music hits straight to your ear from the speaker, though there are many, even besides you, in the room. It’s more of like that bullet in Bollywood / Rajnikanth’s movie following the villain wherever he goes until it hits him (though not literally).

Noveto N1 works by transmitting ultrasound silently through the air, which converges into audible pockets just outside of your ears – creating an experience similar to wearing a pair of headphones, the same used by Holoplot, whose approach exactly matches with this. Anyone around you would hear only ‘a sound of whisper’. Motion Sensors in Noveto allow for facial recognition, helping the N1 to track your ears and ensure the sound hits the right place.

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All in One – Tablet and Big-Screen / Mini-Screen Laptop

Gadgets are getting itself modified just for the convenience of the user. Starting from smartphones (Samsung Fold), now laptop too could be folded up like the phone.

Asus’s Zenbook 17 Fold OLED is such laptop that has massive 17-inch flexible display paired with a keyboard or folded into a touchscreen laptop of 12.3-inch display. The book comes with 12th Gen Intel Core i7 U-Series processors and up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Zenbook 17 Fold OLED will be available from Q2 of 2022 with pricing yet to be announced.

Freestyle projector by Samsung

Samsung, being an all-rounder of tech gadgets, introduced Freestyle – a portable screen projector device, that enables you to recreate theatrical experience in your home. The 1800 rotatable projector requires just a flat surface to render you the display and with its round, compact shape and light weight, you can easily slip it into a backpack.

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The Freestyle’s 5-watt woofer sound waves in every direction for a deeply immersive and cinematic audio experience. The Freestyle’s picture is brilliant in full 1080p HD; no wonder Samsung made it. Whether you’re camping under the stars or studying at the kitchen table, this projector’s gorgeous, high-contrast visuals makes for a delightful experience.

Hair-coloring Cartridges

You may be wondering what haircare has to do with a tech show. L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Tech Incubator unveiled an innovative hair coloring device called Colorsonic. The handheld tool is designed to allow for personalized, precise mixes that can be easily dispensed and applied at home. Our Beauty Lab pros can’t wait to get their hands — and heads — on it! 

3600 Smart Bed – Future of Sleep

Sleep Number, an American bed making company revealed its NEW 360 Smart Bed featuring highly accurate advanced monitoring, personalized insights, health risk evaluations and monitoring – all from the comfort of your bed. The bed maneuvers itself to sleepers’ sleeping position and has tools that monitors their general wellness, sleeping patterns and chronic sleep barriers. For instance, if you snore on the bed, it will gently adjust its position to open the sleepers’ airway for easier breathing. The height of the bed too can be adjusted as our wish and also proffers tilting to a slopy pose.

The company claims it is an effortless, individualized, multi-sensor sleep ecosystem that provides an adjustable, responsive and holistic microclimate. The result provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of how sleep affects health.

Encode Plus WiFi Door Lock

Smart door locks offer homeowners greater flexibility, providing convenience without sacrificing security by allowing you to lock, unlock and monitor lock activity in real time. Now, for the first time in the US, this smart lock solution will support Apple’s home keys for iPhone or Apple Watch, meaning homeowners don’t even need to unlock their device to unlock their door!

The new lock will work with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant as well, plus the Schlage Home app. Our home editors are also appreciative that the hardware will be available in an assortment of styles and finishes!

Masonite Smart Door

Masonite Smart Door doesn’t make only the door smart, but puts every device you need to control in your home, the main access point. A video doorbell, a smart lock, motion-activated smart lighting, even door sense capability to warn you when it’s left open. M-Pwr smart door, by which it’s called, is powered by your home, not with batteries that calls you for change often in months.

M-Pwr, currently is only available for new homes, so you can’t deploy it to your existing homes. The installation of the smart door, without the ‘smart’ itself costs thousands of dollars. However, this integration of devices into one main access point is where the smart home is headed and gonna be the future of homes.

Sony A95K QD – OLED 4K TV

At CES, Sony announced a flagship A95K QD-OLED 4K TV that’ll be available in both 65- and 55-inch sizes. It’ll combine the brand-new displays with Sony’s terrific image processing and best-in-class TV speaker system. And if QD-OLED delivers on its promise, the new TVs could outperform those from LG (and Sony’s own existing sets) at overall brightness, color consistency, and even viewing angles. And considering how phenomenal OLEDs already look, that’s no small feat.

But flashy new tech is always accompanied by a very high price tag. While QD-OLED won’t demand nearly the same premium as something truly next level like Micro LED, it’s still guaranteed to cost significantly more than any 4K OLED TV on the market right now.

BMW iX Flow – Color Changing Car

The German automaker giant, recently awed the auto-lovers and web surfers by revealing its brand-new car that changes color at the touch of a button. The color-changing car has the new cutting-edge technology, the same used in Amazon Kindle and is 100% electric iX Flow SUV.

The tech utilized is like “bringing the car body to life”, BMW said.

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