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AR Display in Vehicle’s Windows will show details on what you’re looking at

AR vehicle display

Researchers from Taiwan has built an augmented-reality (AR) display tech for vehicles, that will show information about the scenery that you’re looking outside directly in the vehicle’s windows.

It’s 21st century where everything gets simpler with utilization of advanced technology mankind had ever experienced. Remember when you’re travelling in a vehicle and you find an attractive building or place through window and google about it to see what it is about. It may be time consuming, since you’ve to take your phone out, google it and get the details.

To make this simpler, Taiwan researchers had come with a novel tech which shows the information about the attractions, places or buildings directly in your vehicle’s window using augmented reality technology.

AR Tech in Windows of Vehicles

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a technology research and development institution in Taiwan, has built this AR Interactive Vehicle Display, allowing passengers to view and interact with AR content of sceneries outside without the need to wear any devices in a moving vehicle, like what Audi attempted to do.

The team covered the entire inside surface of the window glass with a transparent microLED touchscreen panel, which displays the AR content. There is also an eye-tracking camera above each window of the vehicle, scanning the direction at which the passenger looks at. Then, the system uses GPS data to determine the vehicle’s current geographical location and speed, allowing it to identify the attractions or buildings specifically in the view of passenger.

It doesn’t keep on displaying the details, but a small photo of attraction is displayed on the microLED panel next to the passenger’s actual view of the attraction. If the passenger wants to know more about what they’re looking, they can expand the visual cue for detailed information.

The system can be customized and used in almost all vehicles such as buses, cars and vans and various modes of transportation – roadways, railways and tour boats.

ITRI has showcased this tech at CES 2024. ITRI has already implemented similar technology in public aquariums to provide information about the fish they’re presently viewing on display.

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