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The “AI-powered” iOS18’s 10 New Features that you should know

Apple teased the next iPhone OS “iOS18” with AI integration that brings refreshing features, new customization options, redesigning of Photos, and a personal intelligence system all in your iPhone.

The first thing Apple did to enhance iPhones is integrating artificial intelligence in the smartphone, after announcing partnership with OpenAI. As AI has become inevitable in this era, every device tries to leverage the technology aiming to enrich the user experience. Apple is not an exception in this.

The new iOS18 will equip Apple’s first AI system “Apple Intelligence”, that’s powered by OpenAI’s GPT LLM. Here is everything new about iOS18 – features, and apps.

10 New Features in iOS18

Apple Intelligence

Apple’s Apple Intelligence will enable the power of artificial intelligence in your apple devices by letting you to write easily, express yourself and get things done effortlessly using AI.

Apple Intelligence powers new Writing Tools, which help you find just the right words virtually everywhere you write. With enhanced language capabilities, you can summarize an entire lecture in seconds, get the short version of a long group thread, and minimize unnecessary distractions with prioritized notifications.

New features such as writing tools, priority notifications, priority messages, summary for a long mail, or any paragraph, smart mail, image creation and an enhanced Siri – all are coming to iOS18 with the introduction of Apple Intelligence.

Enhanced Siri

Apple’s Siri assistant will support more natural interactions and can answer a much wider range of questions.

Siri can also take action within iPhone apps on your behalf. You can ask it to pull up photos, edit images, or move items across various apps. As one example, Apple said Siri can pull up a photo of your driver’s license, automatically grab the number, and paste it into a form.

Schedule Messages

Amid a range of new features that Apple brought in iOS18, scheduling messages to send later is one of the handy feature that probably everyone might need at some point of time.

Apple launched the Send Later feature for email with iOS16 and with iOS18, the same is coming to Messages. After running the iOS18, users can simply tap the + icon on the left side of the text field in messages, then tap ‘More’ and choose Send Later option. You can pick a date and time to schedule the message and hit the send button.

Genmoji – AI-made Emojis

One of the coolest features released in iOS18 is this “Genmoji” which is nothing but emojis made by AI. Just like you generate an image by prompting the AI, you can now create custom emojis from your creative imagination using AI. Type in “cat drinking tender coconut” and it will give you an emoji for that.

Indeed, Apple Intelligence enabled you to turn your friend or family member’s photo to emoji. Feed in the photo of your friend’s and AI will give you an emoji that looks like your friend.

Custom routes in Apple Maps

Apple Maps so far doesn’t offer a way to input self-selected routes, with Maps users limited to Apple’s pre-selected options. However, iOS18 changes this limitation by enabling users to create custom routes.

Custom routes would allow users to set what specific roads they want to travel down, whether for scenic purposes or for the familiarity of a route. Route options beyond the default have been a highly requested Apple Maps feature for several years now, and other services like Google allow users to create custom routes on a computer and then view them on an iOS device.

RCS Support in Messages

Apple confirmed that Rich Communication Services is coming to iPhones with iOS18. RCS will replace SMS as the default protocol for messaging between Apple and Android devices.

RCS messaging will enable users to send high-quality media (images and videos) in Messages, allow features such as read receipts, and typing indicators, just like in WhatsApp. While normal SMS use cellular network, RCS use data connectivity to function.

More Customization

iOS 18 lets you personalize your iPhone experience like never before. There are new tools for arranging apps and widgets, changing your app icon colors, customizing Control Center, replacing the flashlight and camera buttons, and more. Apple has even made several of its individual apps newly customizable, like Photos.

Customization doesn’t stop at system-wide tools. In several cases, even Apple’s individual apps have gained new customization powers.

  • Photos: The major redesign of Photos in iOS 18 brings powerful new abilities to customize nearly every aspect of the app, including what types of collections it displays, how your library is sorted and filtered, and more.
  • Reminders: Other than Reminders being integrated into the Calendar app, one of its other main iOS 18 updates is that you can reorder the sections in your Today list, such as moving overdue reminders to the bottom.
  • Fitness: Even the Fitness app is getting in on the customization game. Now you can modify the Summary screen to display only the data you want to see, whether that’s your Activity Rings, trainer tips, or any of the many other options.

Redesigned Control Center

iOS 18 redesigns your iPhone’s Control Center to provide easier access to the things you use daily. The new Control Center gets new levels of customization and flexibility.

There’s a new controls gallery that lets you customize the controls you see, and you can change the size of buttons to emphasize priority. The new Control center also allows you to switch up the controls on your iPhone’s lock screen, so you can replace the traditional flashlight and camera buttons with something more convenient to you.

Additionally, developers can include controls from their own apps, enabling quick access to controls like remotely starting a car, for example.

Passwords App

Passwords app in iOS18

At WWDC 2024, Apple revealed a new Passwords app that expands on its existing iCloud Keychain features and syncs your passwords across more devices. Now, with Passwords, Apple is releasing a standalone app to manage passwords and passkeys on more devices, including Apple’s Vision Pro headset, as well as Macs, iPhones, and iPads. It also syncs with PCs via the iCloud for Windows app.

You can also view your Wi-Fi passwords in one place and share passwords in groups with people you want to have.

Revamped Calculator App

The Calculator app on iPhone now has an additional button to switch between Basic, Scientific, and Math Notes in portrait or landscape view. Meanwhile, there’s a useful new History feature that helps you keep track of previous calculations.

In addition, a new Convert option supports unit conversions for length, weight, currencies, and more.

Which one do you like more?

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