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This new ‘Minimalist’ phone “Light III” is a good choice for Smartphone Addicts

Light announces a new minimalist phone called Light Phone III, which has no social media, or any other addictive apps, aiming to help users who practice digital detoxing or ditch their smartphone.

For those who can’t live without their Smartphones, scrolling social-media for hours, this company called ‘Light’ brings you a ‘minimalist’ phone which cuts all the addictive and time-consuming apps, so you can use the phone just like a ‘phone’.

While Apple, Samsung and Google are marching forward competing with AI features, Light wants to allow people stay in touch with modern world while not getting addicted to the features of smartphones.

Light Phone III – Minimalist phone

The new Light Phone III is that ‘minimalist’ phone, which strictly says ‘no’ to social media, browsers, and internet, but includes all the basic features of a phone and those required features of a smartphone.

It’s someway between dumbphones and smartphones, blending the simple yet distraction-free usage of dumbphones with the required features of a modern smartphone.

What it has & what it does not have? Might be your next question popping up. Light Phone III has all the basic features of a phone such as calls, texting, notes and voice notes, calendar, timer, alarm, calculator, flashlight, hotspot, simple music player and a podcast tool. Indeed, the phone also integrates in-built maps and navigation, 5G compatibility, fingerprint ID, and a camera.

What it doesn’t have are social media apps, news app, and web browsers. The touch phone has a black-and-white OLED display and equips NFC chip to enable it to do digital payments in future.

Light Phone III – Specifications

Light Phone III comes with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, equipping Qualcomm’s SM 4450 chip. The 1800 mAh battery is user-replaceable for less than $50. The phone has larger loudspeakers for listening to music or podcasts or using the speakerphone. It also includes a fingerprint ID in the power button, making it secure.

The camera housed in Light Phone III is not on par with regular smartphones, but is a point-and-shoot camera without zooming options. There is also a wheel knob to its side, which lets you adjust the brightness of the screen by scrolling it vertically.

The phone supports all carriers around the world, unlike its previous models. The device is as thick as an iPhone but, is shorter like a Blackberry. The Light Phone III uses Sony SORPLAS recycled plastic for the battery cover and speaker grill.

Light Phone III comes at slightly higher price at $799 (₹66,800). The phone’s quality metal materials, removable battery and other components makes this minimalist phone to the cost of a premium smartphone, claims Light’s co-founder Joe Hollier. But you can now buy the phone at a 50% discount at $399 (₹33,400) until July 15. Nevertheless, Light Phone III can last longer than a typical smartphone i.e., over 5 years, claims its website.

Target Audience

Light Phone III is targeted on niches, where people want to digitally detox (who wants to spend time away from smartphones and digital screens), and people who want a simple phone like an upgraded version to the dumbphone.

A smaller group may switch to their Light phone when they need to take a break, like when trying to go “offline” for a weekend or holiday but don’t want to be without a way to reach people or be reached in case of an emergency.

The Light Phone III will target the larger demographic that are already using the non-smartphone as their main device.

Light Phone will also appeal to the privacy-minded crowd. When you use a feature like directions and navigation, Light pays to get that logic privately for its users. That means tech giants like Google aren’t tracking and sharing your data when you use these sorts of features.

Will you buy this minimalist phone for $799?

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