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This German Startup ‘e-Revolt’ converts fuel car into an EV in just one day

e-Revolt fuel car to EV

e-Revolt, a startup from Germany promises to convert your petrol / diesel (fuel) car into an electric vehicle (EV) in just one day, cutting down the conversion time drastically.

Amidst major shifts happening in technology, skills and education, shift towards sustainability prioritizes over others due to immediate action demanded by climate change issue. The switch to EV to curb fuel car’s pollution is real and many auto-firms committed themselves to go fully electric at least before 2040.

As of 2023, there are about 1.474 billion cars either running or resting behind in earth, and this poses a huge business value of converting them to EVs. Because, that much of cars going into waste would further raise up the issues. Remodeling internal combustion (IC) cars to EVs, though being done by many players, they are time-consuming, taking two weeks to six months generally.

And that’s where e-Revolt saw the opportunity and came up with an innovative solution which cuts down the time to just one day. You leave your fuel car in their garage, and take your EV the next day. As simple as that.

e-Revolt’s Fuel to EV

Fitting batteries into the frame where IC engine sat is one of the difficult things to do during the conversion process, says e-Revolt. The German startup addressed it by coming up with a novel workflow and battery design, which made it possible to cut down customer waiting times to as little as eight hours.

Indeed, the startup is capable of converting up to 42 different models from major car manufacturers – including the Volkswagen Golf and Polo, Audi A3 and Seat Leon. For those car-owners who can’t afford the elevated prices of new EVs or one who wants to continue driving his/her favorite old car, this switching option would be viable. e-Revolt also assures 100% insurance coverage post upgrade.

Cars remodeled to EVs by e-Revolt will have an estimated range of 250 to 300 km on a single charge, and ongoing development might push this range and increase performance in future.

The complete conversion process costs between €12,000 and €15,000. It may sound expensive in Indian market, comparative to new EVs, but is not in Europe and United States. EVs start at $20,000 (€18179.47 or ₹16.66 lakhs) in US and at €33,000 in Europe.

How they do it?

As fitting the battery into the chassis of IC engine is difficult thing to do, the startup’s solution was building a new frame to the size and shape of the engine and fitting the battery inside it, so that they could easily only the engine with the new frame and components.

“And that’s why we are much faster than an individual solution,” says Timo Walden, the firm’s project manager. The company says it usually takes on average around a day to complete the process, which includes stripping the old engine block out of the car and replacing it with its patented battery technology and engine frame, as well as the full digitalization of the vehicle.

Though currently, the firm is geared up to accommodate models of specific car brands, 42 models in total, the team can also work on retrofit vehicles, it said.

Converting an old car into electric vehicle (EV) will contribute more to the notion of sustainability besides saving 30 tons of CO2 , since you use the car in a circular economy and you could also upgrade it with a new battery or so on in future. Extending the life cycle of vehicles in a sustainable way and with a mind to the circular economy gives an SME like e-Revolt the maneuverability to adapt that most big car manufacturers don’t have.

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