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You need these Characteristic traits to work in Apple, Tim Cook shares

Tim Cook shares what Apple looks for in people in terms of their character and personality to work in Apple & be a family of it.

In a recent podcast interview hosted by Dua Lipa, Tim Cook shed some light on key aspects that Apple aspires for in people to be a part of Apple family. Apple believes that “one plus one equals three”, he starts. It’s not about the poor math, but explains on the potential of people coming together to work.

“It’s an incredible feeling to work with people that bring out the best in you, and fundamentally, we all believe that one plus one equals three,” Cook said. “Your idea plus my idea is better than the individual ideas on their own.”

Tim Cook put some four major characteristics Apple will be seeking from its job applicants and all these four somewhat revolve around this ‘one plus one equals three’ logic.

Characteristic traits that Apple seek for

Cook told that Apple welcomes people from all walks of life, both with and without college degrees.  Adding on to that, the foremost characteristic Apple look for in people is collaboration. “I think one of the characteristics that I look for in people in collaboration,” Cook said. “Can they really collaborate? Do they deeply believe that 1 plus 1 equals three?”

He also sees if the candidates are curious enough to know stuffs and learn new things, including that if they aren’t hesitant to ask questions. The next trait coming on the line is creativity. Creativity is indeed posed as the second most needed skill among the top-skill requirements report by WEF.

Following this, being a better team-player will likely increase your chance of consideration into Apple. Though Cook believes coding is as important as any other subject or domain for students and employees, Apple has also hired people who nothing about coding or those who hardly stir their mind to code as part of their daily job.

Apple Interviews

Apple, one of the most-established tech-giant, keeps the application process for recruitment very rigorously, with some job candidates reporting as many as 13 total interviews. Roughly, there would be six to eight in-person rounds of interviews, each of which will be with people on the team members that you’d be working for.

According to anecdotes from Apple interviewers, the firm focusses more on individual’s motivation level, than how contented he/she is. In other words, they care more about the “why” than the “what” or “how” part of the question, and as such they value behavioral interviews more than coding.

To speak generally about Apple interviews, there isn’t such thing called “Apple interviews” where a pattern is followed overall in the firm, but each interview is specific to the needs of individual hiring managers. The managers take it as “made to order” for each specific team they are hiring for. This makes it difficult to foresee the possible questions that could be asked.

However, Apple ensures that its employees’ tenure is enduring enough, as it doesn’t believe on layoffs. It was the only firm among the FAANG, including Microsoft, to not cut jobs during the 2022 – 23 economic slowdown. Indeed, it cut a very little count, less than 100, during the pandemic, where others chopped their headcounts in thousands. And above all, the pay is hefty.

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