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Infosys introduces Free AI courses with Certification – Apply here

Free AI courses by infosys

India’s IT firm Infosys unveils several free AI courses for everyone, with also a completion certificate to help people learn the new technology.

As AI is emerging as one of the top skills required in the workplace, firms have been encouraging people, graduates and students to comprehend about the latest AI technology. Companies in every field are planning to incorporate AI into its business, and learning the basics of AI and handling of AI tools is inevitable now, if you are looking for jobs in corporates.

In the go, Infosys have launched a number of AI courses in its Springboard Virtual Learning platform, which students, workers or anyone can make use of it for free.

Infosys Free AI Course

Infosys’ new AI courses enables students, employees to develop their skill set on artificial Intelligence technology, preparing them for the future workplace. The firm offers variety of courses that cover a broad spectrum of AI topics, including an introductory course on AI and generative AI, with a focus on deep learning and natural language processing, and a masterclass on AI and the impact of Generative AI.

The courses include a difficulty level of primary to advanced, with also topics on AI projects using python, Big data, TensorFlow and Java. The platform also comprises of a customized course, what they call ‘Citizens Data Science’, which will cover ‘various aspects of data science discipline, including python, linear algebra, probability and statistics and exploratory data analysis,’ Infosys adds.

On successful completion of the course, learners will be awarded a certificate. Most of the courses are offered in English, with duration extending up to 7 – 8 hours.

These Infosys’ free AI courses focus on upskilling people on the introduction of AI and its basics.

How to Apply

Applying for the free courses from Infosys requires a sign up in the firm’s Springboard Virtual Learning platform.

  • Head on to the Infosys Springboard, log in with your Gmail ID, or signup in the website.
  • After successful login, enter basic details asked like your name, location, university or company you belong to and others.
  • You may then have to choose your interested topics of learning.
  • After getting into the Springboard, search for ‘artificial intelligence’ in the search-bar on the top.
  • You may find many courses listed there which you can opt based on your interests and start learning.

Prior to Infosys, Google and Microsoft too had announced their AI courses for free for people. Get details here – Google’s Free AI Courses; Microsoft’s Free AI Courses.

Infosys Springboard

Springboard is the virtual learning arm of Infosys, as Google Cloud Skill Boost profile is for Google. It provides variety of courses from Class 6 to lifelong learners, collaborating with world-leading digital educators like Coursera and Harvard Business Publishing. It is fully aligned with India’s Nationals Education Policy 2020.

“Nearly 400,000 learners and 300+ education institutions, NGOs, and support groups are already onboard Infosys Springboard,” Infosys adds.

Regarding the courses, Infosys’ SVP and Head-Education, Training and Assesment, Thirumala Arohi says “We firmly believe that AI proficiency will give young aspirants and professionals a competitive advantage in a dynamic and demanding job market.”

Infosys and AI

Infosys recently introduced its own AI called ‘Topaz’ that provides set of services, solutions and platforms using generative AI technologies. Topaz helps amplify the enterprises of the firm and brings leverage to over 12,000+ use cases, Infosys says.

The firm had also been one of the early investors of OpenAI in 2015, funding $1 billion to the ChatGPT-maker.

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