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Top 10 In-Demand Skills by Companies, but AI is not in the List

Important skills for future

A lot of things happened since November 2022, after OpenAI’s ChatGPT got released. The most concerning factor that came along the launch of generative-AI platform like ChatGPT was the skepticism of AI taking over the jobs from humans. And the latest news from companies like ‘IBM replacing 7,800 jobs with AI’ confirm so.

With many believing AI is the inevitable technology and so the future of educational skills, companies however, weigh other skills over AI for recruiting humans.

After surveying 803 companies’ employers, World Economic Forum had chiseled the list of in-demand core skills that the companies are expecting at present. Analytical thinking and creative thinking hold the first two spots as the in-demand skills for workers. Notably, AI is not in the top ten, pushing it to the fifteenth spot.

Interestingly, companies value empathy, curiosity, active listening, self-awareness more than many skills, that’s thought to be important like even big data, programming, marketing and more.

Let’s not brief it more, here are the top ten important core skills valued by companies.

Top 10 in-demand Core Skills

  1. Analytical Thinking
  2. Creative Thinking
  3. Resilience, flexibility, and agility
  4. Motivation and self-awareness
  5. Curiosity and lifelong learning
  6. Technological literacy
  7. Dependability and attention to detail
  8. Empathy and active listening
  9. Leadership and Social Influence
  10. Quality control

What the Companies expect from Workers? – Opinion

Jobs and work are experiencing a major transformation, as old jobs have been getting replaced and several new jobs such as digital marketing, social media manager and more are being created in recent years. Companies are now shifting their priorities on what they look up for every worker in the hiring process. And from the list mentioned above, it’s not the technical skills that are most wanted, but soft skills that will make a candidate to think deliberately and differently.

As observed from the list, the companies expect people with different perspective of thinking for approaching a problem in a more sensible way and able to interpret the problem along with data for driving the required results.

The fourth, fifth and sixth skills represent a person’s urge to stay updated and how curious he/she is to learn and upgrade. Companies want the employees to consistently improve themselves, and many had started to offer courses or support their workers in pursuing courses related to the field. However, taking courses is most effective only when it’s intentional and not obliged.

The other following skills characterize a responsible employee who is willing to take a commitment and can collaboratively push his colleagues for productivity, showcasing leadership skills.

These skills cited above are not something that can be made in a day or week, but are what is defined in a person. And recruiters examine if an interviewee had exhibited these skills in his previous jobs or in his life elsewhere.

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Top 20 in-demand Skills

To add more in the list, here are the next ten in-demand core skills as per WEF report.

  1. Systems Thinking
  2. Talent Management
  3. Service orientation and customer service
  4. Resource management and operations
  5. AI and Big data
  6. Reading, writing and mathematics
  7. Design and User experience
  8. Multi-lingualism
  9. Teaching and Mentoring
  10. Programming

Though AI and big data is listed on the fifteenth spot, WEF reported the skill as seventh emerging skills in the next five years. Creative thinking holds the first spot for the emerging skills with 73.2% of surveyed employers’ valuing the skill vital among workers, followed by analytical thinking with 71.6%. Soft skills like curiosity and lifelong learning, and resilience, flexibility and agility are also set to become increasingly vital for workers, coming in fourth and fifth place respectively.

These aren’t only for informational purpose, but also might be useful for educational aspects – to be considered while planning for a career and applying for a job.

Hope you find the page useful!

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