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Fiture – A Smart Fitness Mirror makes your Exercise effective and easy

We live in a generation, where everything is possible to do just by staying at home, thanks to technology. Whether it may be eating a hotel food, purchasing clothes, groceries, medicines, talking to someone who is thousands of km away, educating yourself (online education), working from home and now, it’s time for exercising effectively without the need of a personal trainer, replacing your gym or doing yoga without a master.

Fitness mirrors made its debut in 2018, when Mirror launched its fitness mirror which streams live or prerecorded fitness classes with the idea of standing in front of the mirror, follow a trainer’s instructions that are displayed behind your reflection and still see yourself working out.

As a competitor to this, Fiture announces a new fitness mirror that is smart enough to analyze your actions and guide you if you do it wrong, featuring voice control, gestures and the ability to build custom workouts.

Fiture Fitness Mirror

Fiture – a relatively slim 1.09 meters long and 3.3 cm thick mirror, is an interactive mirror that offers real-time exercising steps as a trainer, feedbacks, gestures and voice control, looking likely as any other full-length mirror showcased in furniture stores.

The mirror houses a plug in the back, speakers on its sides and button controls, and has a hidden screen that’s reminiscent of AR displays, picturing you the moves.

Featuring a motion sensor in its lower half, it senses all your exercising moves and corrects you if you do it wrong. Fiture Mirror can recognize more than 1,000 different movements across HIIT, strength, boxing, cardio, yoga and dance. In fact, they can count your reps, pace, sets and time; so, no cheating.

The screen displays your stats, which moves are coming up and an overall leaderboard. But no touchscreen, since that was a deliberate choice to help avoid finger smudges, its CEO says.

Real-time Feedback and Gestures by the Mirror

Actually, the brilliance of the mirror is in its feedbacking and real-time gestures that stands out from the competing NordicTrack and Echelon. The motion sensor accurately detects and counts when a user performed practices like squats and overhead presses.

In addition to tips to correct the exercisers, they are also given credit based on how well one coincides with the workout’s proper pace. For instances, some workouts demand a hold position, for a specified period of time followed by another workout in regular time frames for good result.

Fiture’s mirror was able to recognize even when a hand is raised.

Create your own Workouts

Via its smartphone app, Fiture lets you to create your own workouts. Pick specific movements from the Fiture library and you could also customize the time lapse of the workout as well as the counts based on your current fitness. This helps oneself to improve from yesterday’s ability, gradually being more healthy and fit.

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Like other connected fitness devices, Fiture also requires a monthly $39 membership and the mirror costs a whopping $1,495. It’s expensive, though. Fiture comes in five colors – black, teal, blue, gold and gray.

Taste of innovative technology always comes with a price-tag!

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