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What is Ocean Spiral, an Underwater City Project by Japan?

Ocean Spiral is a deep-sea future-city concept ideated by Japan extending to upto 3kms down the sea-surface, aiming for future world that accommodates thousands of people.

Exploring the oceans are always an adventure and pleasure for people. Not just blueness impacts a refreshing mindset to people psychologically, but the species and creatures inside the vast-blue area are so pleasing to gaze, the reason for which fish-tanks in homes exists.

Just like underwater-hotels in Maldives and in some other places in the world, the exploration, treasuring and exploitation of oceans leaves a positive slope over years. Following this, a Japan-based corporation aims to construct an underwater city to accommodate thousands of people; details explained.

Underwater City Project by Shimizu Corporation

Whether it be Japan’s rise after a drastic attack back in 20th century or the educational system they pursue or the innovations they brought about in day-to-day life, Japanese are unique in rising and exploiting the resources. Likely, this time, a Tokyo-based company, Shimizu Corporation sparked “Ocean Spiral”, a deep-sea future city concept that the firm aims for the future world.

Enumerating the unsustainable change, that the world is experiencing currently and on contrary, the huge potential that is bestowed within oceans, the firm objects dramatically to improve the sustainability of human societies on the earth by fully utilizing the deep sea.

“We will use the inherent potential of the deep sea to restore cycles and improve the sustainability of human societies on a global scale in five problem areas”, the company briefs.

And the five problem areas, pointed out by Shimizu are food, energy, water, CO2 and resources, wherein they gonna fathom out the needs from the sea itself.

Ocean Spiral – Deep-sea Future City

In aims of resolving the five cited problems, the ocean city is concepted to expand to almost 3000 meters beneath the surface with three levels targeted for distinct purposes. Blue garden, Infra Spiral and Earth Factory becomes those three levels, starting from 200 meters to touching the bed of the sea.

The nearest Blue garden seated down at 200 meters of the sea level, is a globe of 500 meter diameter, wherein people could camp for a comfortable, safe and pleasing underwater living space. The experts of the corporation claim this globe will facilitate sightseeing hour with almost every recreational activity and maintain health regimen with high oxygen concentration with air-conditioning.

The next 2000 meters of the sea would solely have infra-spiral, modelled for all back-end works like power generation, plant farming, water desalinization, bio-monitoring, and the transport of power. At instances, infra-spiral has ports for carrying out these attributes. Besides, the spiral is also for base-camps, as in the garden. For making the spirals to stand stiff, gigantic cables are anchored for mooring them.

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The last which rests on the sea-bed is the earth factory. Owing to its name, this part of the concept is synthesized for mining the resources, CO2 storage and development and cultivation of all needed factors.

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This majestic sea-living-space could be a platform for 5000 people to live, work, entertain and relax. The concept employs all the existing construction ideas and of-course the new future technologies like 3D printing added to the list. Estimation renders the concept $26 billion, and its still way far in the future.

The firm “Shimizu Group” is committed to creating value that is ahead of its time, through constant self-transformation, challenging the ordinary, and co-creation with diverse business partners. Through Smart Innovation, they aspire to contribute to a sustainable future where people can enjoy abundance and happiness and OCEAN SPIRAL is one among them.

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Here’s a full size image of the actual concept!

Would it be great for us living beneath the sea or kind-of disturbance to the sea-creatures? The balance is not yet balanced!


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