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This Hard-disk Recovery Converter retrieves data from old hard-disks easily

recover data from hard disk

Zilkee’s hard-disk recovery converter device is for the ones who had lost pictures, videos and memories due to old hard-disks, helping you to restore them.

Losing photos, and videos due to system failures is the modern way of losing memories. It’s really hard to let go the pictures, videos of our family and friends for some stupid computer faults. We all have been through this at least once in our lives and most of the times only rants helped to recover.

However, the case may not be the same anymore. This device named as ‘hard-disk recovery converter’ helps you to restore the data, files and everything from old hard-disks in your dead computer/laptop.

Zilkee’s Ultra-Recovery Converter

Zilkee’s Ultra-recovery converter

Zilkee, a growing online marketplace sells electronic related products that innovatively addresses the issues that are commonly seen. Data recovery from old hard-disks was seriously a concern for many of us, and electronic repairing stores demand a high cost for the data retrieval process, which might not affordable for people.

Zilkee thus makes this ultra recovery converter which is a perfect tool to duplicate, copy, backup or transfer large amounts of data from a IDE/SATA drive to another hard disk with a super-fast transfer speed through USB 3.0.

Files and data can be retrieved with this Zilkee Ultra Recovery converter, from old hard drives hat are now very inaccessible due to a faulty laptop or computer. The device can be connected to a maximum of three HDD drives simultaneously for the file transfer.

The recovery converter supports 2.5”/3.5” SATA HDD and SSD, 2.5”/3.5” IDE HDD, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD + RW Optical and Blu-ray drive. Data transfer rates goes up to 5Gbps supporting 6TB of capacity.

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It is compatible in almost every system such as Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista/8/10/11, Linux, Mac OS and more. With 2.0 ports equipped as well, the device can be connected to a regular USB port of your computer.

You can also use the converter to transfer files from HDD drive to SDD drive instantly.

It comes with one main USB 3.0 IDE/SATA converter, 12V 2A power adapter, 1 meter male to male USB 3.0 data cable, one large 4-pin to small 4-pin molex power cable. Zilkee’s Ultra recovery converter costs ₹4,910 ($60) with shipping costs at ₹570 ($6.95). You can get the device, here.

How to Use?

  • Plug in the adapter in your wall outlet and connect it to the recovery converter device.
  • Insert your 2.5” or 3.5” hard drive, either HDD or SSD, to the SATA port.
  • Connect the USB 3.0 data cable from the converter to your laptop where you want to save the data.
  • Flip the ON/OFF switch to ON in the device.
  • Your computer / laptop will then read the converter box like any other USB device from which you can easily transfer your system.

Make sure your hard drive is in working condition before reaching out for this product. The data cannot be retrieved if the HDD or SSD is corrupted or in the broken condition.

Hope you find the page useful!

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