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Sony unveils Wearable Air-Conditioner “Reon Pocket 5” for ₹14,000

Sony introduces an innovative device that’s most needed for today’s hot world –a wearable air-conditioner (AC) called “Reon Pocket 5”, which is a pocket-sized cooling device that can be worn on your shirt.

Nowadays it feels like we are neighbors to Sun, especially in India. Modern days’ summer made believe that air-conditioner is a necessity, which was earlier a luxury. At times when you are not in an air-conditioned room, bus or car, especially when you are commuting between work and home, the need of chill-air becomes inevitable.

Understanding the condition, Sony comes up with this new cooling device that will turn your ordinary dress to ‘air-conditioned’ dress.

Sony’s Pocket AC – Reon Pocket 5

Reon Pocket is a wearable thermal device by Sony that can directly cool or warm the part of the body that the device is in contact with. The device, for example, if worn on the back of your shirt, will pull the warm air out of your body using the in-built small fan.

Reon Pocket equips five sensors for detecting the temperature, humidity and motion of the device. The temperature and humidity sensors will help cool or warm your body depending on the temperature and weather conditions. The device connects with its smartphone app and can be used to switch between cool or warm mode and also the levels of coolness (or warmness). Reon Pocket app is compatible with both iOS and android devices.

The ‘auto start/stop’ function in the device, however, will automatically switch on, once the pocket-AC is worn on the shirt, sensing it through the motion sensor. The device can also be paired with Reon Pocket Tag, a small wearable sensor that detects surrounding conditions and communicates them to the neck unit for proactive temperature adjustments, making the device SMART.

Features and Price

The device allows for five levels of coolness and four levels of warmness, which can be controlled in the app. Reon Pocket, when worn for 5 minutes at a temperature of 300C room environment can make its surroundings at 22.70C, as per the product’s page. The pocket AC has a standby battery which boasts 17-hour battery life on a single charge. However, level-5 of coolness will drain the battery in just 4 hours.

Reon Pocket comes with two different models – casual style and business style, for different use cases. The neckband is designed for an ergonomic fit, so that the wearable AC stays on your shirt for the whole day.

The Sony Reon Pocket 5 is available for 139 pounds ($170 / ₹14,000). It will start shipping from May 15, 2024 in Singapore, UK, followed by Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong at a later date.

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