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This silent “Skyted” masks lets you to speak calls so quietly

World’s first ever silent mask – “Skyted masks” allows you to take calls and speak so quietly that people around you won’t be able to hear you.

For people who are hesitant to take calls in public and those who want to attend private meetings in public, this new mask promises to tackle your inconvenience in a techy way. Developed by a France-based startup “Skyted”, this mask is the innovation, born due to the lack of ways to make silent calls without disturbing others in public places.

Skyted mask was demoed at CES 2024 and aims to craft the next stage of silent communication anywhere at any time.

Skyted silent masks

Skyted mask nullifies your voice completely while you speak that no one around you hears you, thus making your call / meet private and confidential. The mask reduces sound by 25 decibels, enough to make people helpless to eavesdrop.

The mask uses technology similar to that used in jet engines’ resonators which draws sound away and into chambers. By doing this, the sound waves dissipate in a controlled environment instead of being leaked and overheard. Little holes in the middle of the inside of the mask and 12 mm chambers on either side of the face take care of that.

There is also a microphone inside the mask that lets you and other people on call to hear what you speak. The mask comes as seven different models and in two versions – wired and Bluetooth. While the wired model caters the purpose of this mask in brief, the Bluetooth model has lot of features combined including voice booster and transparency mode.

Features of Skyted mask

Wearing Skyted mask doesn’t mean that you need to remove it every time you speak to people around you. By switching on the transparency mode, which is accessible via a button on the mask’s surface, it lets the wearer to be audible to the people around.

Voice booster on the other hand, enhances the volume of your voice to be heard by yourself. It would’ve been awkward otherwise if you don’t hear your own voice.

With a dedicated app of Skyted, it lets you to modify its features such as smart sound bubble, transparency mode, and voice booster. Smart sound bubble takes care of the perceptibility and intelligibility levels of the mask.

The mask comes with three tech options – mask’in office, mask’in taxi and high confidentiality masking. It has a battery life of 10 hours with a 1.5 hour charging time.

Price of the Mask

Skyted is backed by Airbus Dev and the European Space Agency (ESA) and the tech is developed in partnership with ONERA, pioneers in aerospace acoustics research.

The models range from $199 to $599. The standard Skyted wired model has a price-tag of $249, while the Skyted Bluetooth model costs $299. The mask is already sold-out in its Kickstarter page.

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