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World needs to be Artificial: From food, love to dreams!

Starting from your toothbrush in the morning, to the bed you put your body on at night, everything around you is now artificial / human-made. Human-made products have been serving a great purpose for the wellbeing of humankind so far, but the advent of exploiting technology into human’s life is exponentially increasing, that it might pose an anti-social intention or psychological illbeing in humans. Companies are marching on to bring “everything”, from education to health to love to dreams, which is really appreciative, but in artificial means, which is not.

Nowadays, people spend more time with Alexa, than with their inmates and friends!

Is this a real uplift for humans? Or a temporary and fake gratification?

Artificial World

The day I woke up and checked up on my news-app via a notification “Lab made meat”, struck off my mind as “Why the hell?” kind of pop-ups inside me. Researchers and scientists were constrained to solve the problem, but not as much as, ‘how to’ tackle the problem. We will try to find answers to all pop-ups here in this article.

The worst kind of artificiality is having sex with a robot.

Artificial Food – Meat, burger, milk

Artificial or Lab-grown meat, or “clean” meat, is meat that is produced by taking a small sample of animal cells and then replicating them outside of an animal. It is set to change the world and will be on supermarket shelves and restaurant tables in the very near future. And not just ‘meat’, but burger, milk too.

Initially, there was sure a malaise on the subject, but while cornering the reason, zero-animal cruelty and global hunger index were compensating the matter. However, the aspect of looking into this, as if to consider less the conventional way of food-making is what alarming. As portrayed by “lab-grown food will soon destroy farming and save the planet”, an article of The Guardian, is ridiculous on how the world had perceived to probe into hunger-resolution.

Artificial Love & Sex

Love, friendship, intimacy, common sense, kindness and affection, grouped simply as ‘character’ is what keeping humans unique. Being loved, no matter what, is a basic urge of every being in this planet. As humans find it difficult to approach and entice fellow beings, they are more prone to being affectionate to artificial or virtual love, so called via robots and operating systems. As depicted in ‘Her’ movie, people are straight to a computer than to a human and gradually had overcome the weird feeling of having affectionate-chats with a robot – alexa being the real & best example for this. Just as popular Hollywood actor Will Smith went on a date with world’s first humanoid robot ‘Sophia’.

Moreover, one of the stages of love, ‘sex’ too, has been conceptualized as a tech, releasing sex-robots for sale. In fact, a blogging woman had a date & sex with a male robot and took that experience to her blog, claiming it nice & dominant.

Artificial Dreams

This is beyond human’s way of artificializing things that still had to be a successful outcome. Yeah! You heard it right. Researchers finally made out a way to content dreams as one’s wish, probably with few cues of sound or smell.

MIT’s Dream Lab designs wearable device and elaborates its influential impact on dreams, that they claim could deliver you a soothing sleep and a productive wake-up to do your day and even more.

How artificiality could have adverse effects on people?

First of all, starting with artificial food, since it’s been experimentally possible to synthesize food with called for nutrients and in a bulky size, countries would be more concerned on making food not harvesting it. As said by The Guardian, lab-grown food will soon destroy farming. In a country like India, where agriculture is the backbone, this could not only affect economy and people behind this, but also impel to care less on nature – why to plant trees, if you could synthesize on your own? – kind of situation may arise.

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