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How to Choose the Best Smartphone based on Performance?

Smartphone shopping is not the same as it was a couple of years ago. Dozens of smartphone brands emerged with more than half a century smartphone models available in the market. And you are quite left off with lot of options to go for while choosing a smartphone – performance, budget, camera, storage, battery and so on. It’s quite common if you are unclear of how to choose the best smartphone suitable for you.

If you had any doubt or want a guide explaining how to choose the best smartphone overall, you can click here and head on to read our guide to pick the best smartphones.

Well, if you ask, what this page does – the answer is, it will let you to know how to compare the smartphone based on its performance – which means by analyzing the smartphone’s processors.

Smartphone’s Performance – Processors

The foremost feature or checklist to confirm while looking for a smartphone is its performance, which directly refers to its processors. Smartphone’s processors are like the brain of the device, organizing and performing every feature and option that you do with your phone. Opting for the best-performing processor implies straightly to a good smartphone and vice versa.

Normally, processors can’t be compared blindly as it’s all techy with its octacore, decacore, GHz, nm, type of description that’s not understandable for a layman. That’s why this website’s tool helps you a lot for assessing and comparing smartphone processors.

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NanoReview – Processor Comparison Tool

NanoReview uses machines to compare and rank tech products based on their performances, software benchmarks, raw product specifications and user opinionated analyzations.

The website proffers compared result of two processors’ – CPU performance, Gaming performance, Battery Life and their own NanoReview Score. They entitle other benchmarks like AnTuTu, GeekBench and 3D Mark’s scores too for deliberating the processors efficacy and ranking. `

Nano Review

The comparison starts from just score out of 100, to more detailed comparison of each and every bit of processor’s specifications

Here is an example of comparing Smartphone’s processors in the site.

All the up-to-date processors can be inputted for a comparison and it’s definitely a cool website tool to rank and pick the finest processor and thereby the best smartphone.

The website also compares laptop or system processors, along with product-wise comparisons like smartphone & laptop comparisons.

Here’s the link for the processor-comparison site. Pick the best one for you by yourself.

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