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Samsung is working on a Smartwatch with a Projector for Extended Display

Samsung proposed a patent that suggests it is developing a Smartwatch with a projector in-built for extended display capabilities.

When it comes to display, Samsung pioneers around the globe, as the firm has cutting-edge display technologies of smartphones and wearables on the table, that is still obscure for some of its peers. Its recently unveiled Flexhybrid display-tech for foldable smartphone looks crazy and stunning. And by this smartwatch with a projector, it leveled up in the wearable world.

Innovating an in-built projector was not new to Samsung, as it did back in 2016, when it filed a patent focused on creating an externally projected keyboard. The idea got renovated for a whole extended display casting extra information on to the hand.

Smartwatch with Projector

Samsung’s patent filed at the US Patent and Trademark office, spotted by Wareable, shows of a Samsung smartwatch with a projection display on a side portion of the housing. The watch is configured to display information on a display area adjacent to the housing which might enlarge the smartwatch display on the hand or may also show additional information. Like showing the content of a message at proportionally larger size.

It says the “projection display may display information that is different from the information displayed on the display module.”

According to an embodiment, the smartwatch may display various images, which includes a still image and a moving image, such as multimedia, broadcast content and the like. For instance, it may allow users to effectively view videos sent via messaging apps. Perhaps video calling would be possible too, with an added camera module.

The whole concept implies that Samsung wants to dive more in exploring what a smartwatch could do, for making it immersive like smartphones.

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Clear Image at all angles

A series of dedicated lenses and LEDs along an arc, aligned in two rows will feature the projection tasks on the watch, the patent diagrams depict. It would enable the imagery to be imparted at different angles across the surface and would ensure a consistent, undistorted image on the hand.

The LEDs imparting the information could be brighter, depending on the nearest focal distance or could intelligently tilt clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the detected angle of the intended surface. This enables the watch to project the image clearly on your hand, with no need of your wrist to be perfectly straight like a flat surface.

Although the watch seems to be impressive, Samsung has just patented the model and it’s not quite sure if the technology would reach the hands of the people. Exploratory work of research and developments could really write the answer for that, in the coming days.

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