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Tesla’s First Wireless Charger has FreePower Tech, costs $300

World’s largest EV-maker ‘Tesla’ gets into a new field of making ‘wireless chargers’. Elon Musk’s fortune-multiplier Tesla have been eyeing on batteries and powerwall for more than half a dozen years. Stepping towards that, Tesla announces a wireless charger – kind of charging mat similar to Apple’s Airpower.

Tesla – the electric vehicle manufacturer has indeed rumored about launch of its own smartphone year-after-year and recently, Elon Musk do tweeted that ‘if Twitter is no longer included in App Store & Play Store, Tesla will make a Smartphone for it’, while addressing the issues of misunderstanding he had with Apple’s app-store. However, before unveiling if there would be a smartphone in Future, Tesla has now a wireless charger that will charge maximum of three devices at once.

Tesla’s Wireless Charger – Features

The new wireless charger of Tesla, inspired by its Cybertruck, features an aluminium case with Alcantara surface protecting the device from scratches. It equips FreePower technology, a form of technology where devices don’t need to be kept in a particular alignment to charge. Just drop down the phone on the charger’s surface mat and the device would start charging.

Connectable to three devices at a time, the charger juices out the energy only using Qi-wireless charging technology and the devices which don’t support Qi wireless charging like Galaxy Watch and Google Pixel watch cannot be charged by this Tesla’s charger.

It supports fast charging of up to 15W for each device and comes with a 65W adapter which powers the wireless charging pad via USB-C cable. A magnetic stand provided along can angle up the surface mat to place the phone slantingly.

People can pre-order the wireless charger on Tesla’s Official shop for $300 (₹25,000), a big-budget tag for a charger. Product will be shipped starting February 2023.

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Tesla also has a Powerwall & 100-years battery

The company is not new to the charging & battery business as Tesla has been eyeing on battery-field for years.

A big part of the world may not acknowledge that Tesla also has a Powerwall, an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection for your home. Powerwall was introduced in 2015 and the solar-battery has a life span of up to 20 years. Installing a Powerwall will cost you around $15,000 (₹12.4 Lakhs).

The firm for years, indeed has an expanding space of funding in battery research, where it employs leading battery-experts of the world including Jeff Dahn, a Li-ion battery expert. Notably, the recent feat of the research has paved a way to make batteries last for 100 years on a single charge.  Their paper was published in Science this year. Read fully here.

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