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Samsung’s New FlexHybrid Display is Crazy – It can both Slide & Fold

Samsung teases new display named “Flex Hybrid” – a new concept display that’s both foldable and slidable for the first time in the history of smartphones.

Foldable smartphones are the next premium version of smartphones, as top brands have launched or in plans of launching them due to its cool appearance and features adhered to the flips & fold – types. In that list, Samsung’s Foldables & Flips had already marked their presence in the market & the next most anticipated foldable smartphone is from Apple & Google.

While still Apple & Google has not yet tipped a fold or flip phone, Samsung advances in launching this new slide + fold type of smartphone display that can expand from a 10.5 inch 4:3 display to a 12.4 inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

Flex Hybrid – Slide + Fold

Samsung Flex Hybrid

Samsung has been sketching out creative OLED displays for years and the latest creation is this Flex Hybrid, a tablet form of foldable as well as slidable display that folds on the left-side and an expandable sliding element on the right.

By default, the 10.5-inch screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio which stretches into a 12.4-inch with 16:10 aspect ratio best for watching movies and stuffs.

Samsung’s Flex has already been previewed last year with the company showing a sliding mechanism on one or both sides, called Slidable Flex Solo and Slidable Flex Duet. The firm’s prototypes of the same has displayed this year at CES.

It also showcased aforementioned screen expansion technologies in future laptops too. A pair of larger i7-inch slidable prototypes shows the screen going fatter from 13 and 14 inches to 17.3 inches.

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Samsung Display has more

Samsung experiments out several displays and now claims there’s work of AI on its 2023 QD-OLED panels aimed to make it sharper and 25% more efficient. It incorporates HyperEfficient EL material into the blue emitting layer of the new QD-OLED panels, making the display for a clear color delivery and to render brighter backlight.

Samsung Slidable Flex Duet

There’s also plans for an automotive digital space, where a whopping 43-inch 700R curved display seating on the dashboard of self-driving cars. There’s also a 15.6-inch screen for vehicle information and passenger infotainment in the car, the design shows.

Albeit, Samsung leaves no details of the date of their arrivals, which infers Samsung is trying to make it to the world of their readiness to fetch creative and immersive displays for electronic devices and electric-cars.

Watch: Samsung’s collective ideas of displays that’s on its To-do lists.

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