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How this Iron Man’s Suit could serve in this Real World?

It’s been more than a year, missing Marvel heroes and specially ‘Iron Man’. Iron Man was a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, and also an alluring engineer, entrepreneur & innovative thinker. His suits or armor and his knowledge of engineering would pay honors to praise so. The real aspect that awed people is that ‘What or How could it be, if we get an Iron Man Suit?”, to fly instead. This happens to be the starting point of this English entrepreneur, Richard Browning’s ‘Gravity Industries’, an Iron Man suit-like selling company, founded in 2017.
Let’s skim the details of the suit in this article.

Making Iron Man’s Suit

Richard Browning dedicated Gravity Industries into designing an Iron Man suit for real life, to make human flight intuitive. “It’s like that dream of flying you have sometimes”, says the founder & CEO. The suit fetches VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing), giving you wings to fly whenever & where you wanted.

The Jet Suit has four mini-engines, two on each arm and a fifth big jet-engine on the backpack for aeronautical lift and land. The engines are powered by kerosene, which can provide 22kg of thrust each, allowing the flyers to navigate and control their speeds. It makes 1050 brake horsepower and carries 5.25 gallons of jet fuel, availing a person of less than 200 pounds for about four minutes in the air.

The suit codenamed as ‘the Daedalus suit’, could possibly make you fly at 51.53km/hr, a Guinness World Record for body-controlled jet engine powered suit. Well, that’s Jet Suit version 2. And the new version can zip upto 137.8 km/hr and have you for seven minutes. 3,658 metres becomes its maximum altitude.

If you’re a marvel fan, then you’d to check on this, about the creator of Marvel!

On-going deals

Gravity Industries acquired 60+ deals for the Iron Man suit and the part being as ‘mountain rescuers’, brings a societal value for the inventory, partnering with The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS).

As of 2015, 18 out of 30 mountain habitats’ death were due to medical emergencies like heart attacks. Fortunately, the suit has made the treatment to be reachable in 90 seconds, which was 25 minutes previously, explains the firm’s recent video in YouTube. Paramedics on the suit with travel armed with gear including pain medicine and a defibrillator.

Gravity also focusses on leasing the suits to military and entertainment industries, reckoning its versatility. The firm didn’t stop with that and sells the suit to public for $451,000 (approximately).

UK Navy is testing this suit for military purposes! Watch the video here.


What happens to Iron Man while raining? Questions remain unclear about how the suit will battle and perform in cases of bad weather. “The adverse weather like wind, storm could seem a real challenge to the suit and we are working towards it”, says Richard Browning.

Whatsoever, a real-life Iron Man proffering the world problems and demands at instances is quite appreciative and welcoming. The technology won’t stop here. You may be reading the Thor’s influence to concentrate lightning in a grid for generating electricity (or any kind of related stuffs) in future. Who knows! 😉


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