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Apple’s Foldable iPhone: From E-Paper Display to Date of Launch

Apple seldom miss any technology trends, and is the foremost player of the tech from its beginning years. With number of products awaited from the firm, Apple Foldable iPhone is one among them and is nearing for the launch. Patented first on 2016, the first foldable iPhone looks to be like Samsung Z Flip that’s bent horizontally.

Here are all the things you need to know about Apple’s Foldable iPhones!

Apple Foldable iPhones had been a talk of the tech ever since the rumors viral after the patents filed by the firm. Though it were expected on 2023 or 2024, latest reports show that the company is still in preparation phase & will not reach in the market by 2025 even.

Apple’s foldable iPhone will come with a huge OLED display of 8 inches unfolded – Ming-Chi Kuo (Analyst) claimed, that’s all way comparable to 8.3-inch iPad mini. Concocting the rumors & reports, it seems Apple wants its Foldable iPhone to be a smartphone as well as a tablet.

Apple is experimenting with a unique E-Ink Display for its foldable’s second display. Ming-Chi-Kuo noted that Apple brings E Ink technology on the foldable’s outside display (display after folded), as an effort to conserve power. Regardless Samsung using OLED displays for both the screens of its both the Fold & Flip versions, Apple hits different with E-Ink display, the one that is found in Amazon Kindles.

Apple explores the color version of the Electronic Paper Display, that is no longer different from LCD displays in tones and shades. In fact, E-Ink launched Gallery 3 display this April, which achieves a full color gamut through a four-particle ink system. Gallery 3 will have a resolution of 300ppi, closer but not quite as high as the iPhone’s latest 13’s 460 ppi.

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E-Ink – Benefits

Nevertheless, since Apple is deploying it as second displays for the foldables, E Ink tech appeals over its benefits – bistability, reflective screen, and shatterproof nature.

The bistability of E Ink’s technology refers to retaining the image on the screen even when all power sources are removed, meaning that the display is consuming power only when something is changing and not on all the time when it’s on. This is similar to eReader displays, where charge is needed only when turning a page and not while reading the page still. This enables E Ink to have such a healthy battery life.

The second benefit of employing E-Ink is reflective displays, where no backlight is used. Conventional LCD displays work by emitting light from the back of the screen towards your eye, whereas reflective display reflects the light that falls on it from the environment to your eyes.

Hope the foldable will soon reach out to the market, and there is no question of price-tag, as Apple will surely spice it up as much as possible.

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