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Are Apple AirPods acid-resistant? – Woman who swallowed it says

Apple AirPods are water and sweat resistant, which we all know, but this woman who swallowed it accidentally, says that AirPods are even acid-resistant.

Moe Kennedy, from United States, found herself in an unusual predicament when she accidentally swallowed one of her AirPods Pro while asleep. Realizing that, she tried vomit it back, but it went in vain. She with her mother, then rushed to the nearby medical center, early in the morning.

“If you’ve ever lost an Apple AirPod during sleep and you’re wondering where to look… Maybe look in your stomach because maybe you’ve eaten it like I did,” Moe’s content on TikTok says.

The medical staffs were shocked to hear the case and situation of Moe. And after conducting a CT scan, the medical team discovered that the AirPod had rapidly moved deeper into Kennedy’s stomach and was stuck in a precarious position. As there were concerns that it might require a more invasive surgical procedure, Kennedy was shifted to a hospital and underwent an emergency endoscopy.

AirPod was still working

The procedure went well and doctors could successfully return the AirPod back to Kennedy. The interesting part in this mishap is that, she and doctors were surprised to know that the AirPod was still working when it was inside the stomach and even after it was taken out, about 9 hours later since she swallowed.

Kennedy’s mother could connect to AirPod, even when it was inside her daughter’s stomach and hear her daughter’s stomach sounds and laughter. Indeed, Kennedy also found that AirPod was still working just as usual, when it was taken out 9 hours after been in her stomach. This shows that AirPod might be stomach-acid (hydrochloric) resistant, she claimed.

“Overall, I would 100% recommend the [AirPods Pro], but I 1000% do not recommend eating them,” Kennedy told AppleInsider in an email. “Just happy I ended up totally fine, and laughing that I accidentally tested out the Pros ability to be stomach acid proof, which I found out, was at least up to 9 hours.”

Moe Kennedy is not the first case of swallowing AirPod. Earlier in 2021, a Massachusetts man swallowed one of his AirPods after it fell out of his ear in his sleep.

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