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Half of Apple’s Revenue comes from iPhone: Apple Revenue Breakdown FY2022-23

Apple revenue breakdown by product category reveals that over half of its revenue – 52% comes from its iPhone sales globally.

The craze of iPhones is expanding day by day, making it one of the Apple’s valuable products ever. Legacy and brand worth of Apple had allowed the firm to achieve massive growth in recent years, with data showing that android users switching to iPhones reached a 5-year high. It’s new physical stores in India (Mumbai & Delhi) has driven alarming sales of ₹50 crores ($6 million) per month. That’s music to Apple’s ears.

Here is Apple’s revenue for the year 2022, categorized by its products.

Apple Revenue Breakdown

Apple witnessed a 7.79% YoY increase from 2021 in 2022 with total revenue valuing at $394.3 billion. Apple’s revenue from its product sales collectively including iPhone, wearables, Mac and iPad stood at $316.2 billion in 2022.

Out of that, iPhone amassed a whopping $205.5 billion amounting to 52.1% of entire revenue of the firm. The next big share of income for Apple is its Services business with 19.8%, collecting $78.1 billion. Third in the list is Apple wearables including AirPods, Apple Watch, Home and other accessories with $41.2 billion sales, adding up to 10.5% share in total revenue.

Macs and iPad followed the list with $40.2 billion and $29.3 billion sales in 2022.

Product/ServiceRevenue Generated in a yearPercentage of Total Revenue
iPhone$205.5 Billion (₹16.85 Lakh Crores)52.1%
Apple Watch & Airpods (Wearables)$41.2 Billion (₹3.3 Lakh Crores)10.5%
MacBook & Mac$40.2 Billion (₹3.29 Lakh Crores)10.2%
iPad$29.3 Billion (₹2.40 Lakh Crores)7.4%
Apple Services$78.1 Billion (₹6.40 Lakh Crores)19.8%

The revenue for Apple was highest from America ($169.6 billion), followed by Europe ($95.1 billion), China ($74.2 billion), Japan ($25.9 billion) and Rest of Asia Pacific ($29.3 billion).

Apple has a midas-touch when it comes to branding and marketing as the firm has always been consistent in its business value growth year over year. The firm has a strong pull in markets, alluring people to buy its products. People are ready to put money on Apple products, inspite of its comparatively high price-tags. A report shows that 70% of iPhone purchased in India is through EMI (equal monthly installments). That’s lucrative for the firm’s business and for shareholders too. Moreover, It’s upcoming iPhone 15 series will see a tremendous surge in sales with up to 89 million units estimated to be sold out in the first year of launch itself, according to Barclays analysts.

Let’s see what happens. Are you waiting to buy iPhone 15? Drop your comments..

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