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Jeff Bezos – Life of the Richest Person in the World

The first centi billionaire, World’s Richest person, Man behind World’s Largest Online market named, “JEFF BEZOS”’s path is what you gonna catch below in this post. Amidst the developments and booms of various technologies after the arrival of internet, the online shopping market also emerged firmly; “Amazon” topping the list. Amazon is a trillion dollar market cap company which wholly carved by the American entrepreneur. The reach of the market spread to almost every nook and corner of the world for credits of features proposed or imposed by the Market Leader, having it feasible to wide ranges of small businesses. Jeff added $1.8 Billion in a single day, when Amazon hit the trillion dollar club. He considered to be the “far richer than anyone on the planet”, with the net worth $197.8 Billion (as of July 2021) since 1994.


Name : Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen

Born on/in : On 12th January, 1964; In Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S

Designation : Founder, CEO, President of Amazon

Known as : American Entrepreneur,Investor, Proprietor.

Education : Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical and

Computer Science Engineering from Princeton University.

Known as : “Richest Man in Modern History”

Email ID :

  • Born in Alberquerque, to Jacklyn and Ted Jorgensen, his mother was 17-year old high school student at the time of his birth. After the divorce of his parents, he was adopted by Mike Bezos, new husband of his mother. That’s how, Jeff Preston Jorgensen became Jeff Bezos.
  • As a young boy, he was seen involved to technology & science, as he rigged an electric alarm in his room, to isolate his siblings. He was too President of Exploration and Development of Space department during his Princeton years, which led to his Blue Origin, spaceflight services and aerospace manufacturer company.
  • Growing up, Bezos worked summers on his grandfather’s ranch repairing Caterpillar tractors. He while in high school, worked at Mc Donald’s as line cook of breakfast shift.
  • Prior to starting Amazon, he worked in three different companies as network builder, product manager and hedge fund manager during the years 1986-1994.
  • Having an idea to start an online bookstore in late 1993, he left the then job and started “Cadabra”, which later became “Amazon”. He did so in his Seattle garage in July 5, 1994 with $300,000 from his parent’s investment. In 1996, it became the World’s Largest bookseller having a million titles and no inventory.
  • In 1998, Amazon spread to include online music and video sales and to other various products. He acquired smaller competitors with the IPO he made in 1997. Just after two years of IPO and polyp of the firm, he acquired $10.1 Billion in 1999; Company seeing a 5600% increase in stocks.
  • Bezos deciding to take a step towards his space exploration, started Blue Origin in 2000, an aerospace manufacturer and spacelight services company.
  • As months passes, the company was pushed to a critic of only having $350 Million, which reflected in his account to 40.5% down in 2000, 66.1% & 25% down in successive years respectively. In 2001, the residue was $2 Billion. However, Jeff managed to see a upside in late 2001. From then, the firm & he grew up cumulatively, although a petite fall in 2006 & 2009.
  • Fully recovering from the fall of the firm, Jeff launched Amazon Prime in 2005, entertainment cum Pro version of the previous. In 2006, Amazon Web Services came into picture which is seen to be more profitable than company’s retail business.
  • Amazon Kindle e-reader and AmazonFresh, grocery delivery service in 2007 made the firm to be feasible to stabilize in 2008. In 2010, Amazon pushed a double profit to the CEO of nearly $12.3 Billion, as ebook sales hit the optimum.
  • 2013: Company’s stock hit $300 for the first time. Bezos bought, a online shoe retailing firm for $1.2Billion. Amazon’s investors grew in large cheering the mindset of the CEO.
  • Jeff Bezos on increase in the company’s stake, became the Richest Man in the World for the first time in 2017 overtaking Bill Gates, for hours. Since then, the place is seated by either one of them, randomly.
  • In 2018, Bezos added $39.2 Billion in a single year to his worth, a huge uplift.
  • He was one of the first shareholders in Google, when he invested $250,000 in 1998. That $250,000 investment resulted in 3.3 million shares of Google stock, worth about $3.1 billion in 2017.
  • In 1993, he married novelist MacKenzie Tuttle. The couple divorced in 2019, however.
  • Jeff Bezos is now worth $185.8 Billion, as of 22/07/2020. He added a huge of $13 billion in a single day on 20/07/2020.

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