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Ikigai – How to add meaning to your life?

Japanese Way of adding Meaning to your life!

Welcome to the busiest 21st Century! Where there’s time to watch Netflix but not an hour for parents; notifications add smiles to the face but fails to give a smile to others; ready to spend 12-16 hours a day for the job, but not 2 hours for health; plenty of friends in social media, but few go in hand for help.

As we all strive to be technically touched, we distance ourselves from soulfully touched. Most of us work in a track completely different from our passion, due to which we force ourselves to do what we don’t like to do. When mind and heart doesn’t correlate, stress increases. Day gets tensed, body sours.

Here’s an opportunity to imply on the Japanese tool “Ikigai”, which puts forth the purpose of a day and meaning to a life. Here’s what Ikigai is all about!

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose !

What Ikigai actually is?

Ikigai, owing to the Japan origin, is that spark that pushes millions of Japanese out of bed, every morning. Whilst Japanese description of the word says “a reason for being”, English translates it as “purpose of life / day; reason to wake up every morning”, roughly.

Ikigai basically means, the purpose of your life, what makes you to wake up and work on the day. It strives to balance the spiritual with practical. The balance is found at the intersection of where your passions and talents converge to meet up the world’s demand and is willing to pay for.

Just think of parents who are devoting the day considerably for their child. Their purpose of life is to nurture a brilliant child, doing good in life. Likewise, there exists many examples.

Ikigai’s alpha points out to Japanese island of Okinawa, a largest population of the centenarians in the world. Ikigai reasons to be the culture’s longevity, says national geographic reporter Dan Buettner in a TED Talk.

So what’s make you to go for a day? Have you ever thought of the purpose of your day rather than simply following the asusual formula, almost 90% of the people pertains through? How can you find your ikigai?

Continue to fed with the answers…

Why to go for Ikigai? – Self Realization

You might have experienced on your own or by words, the conventional way of leading the life running behind money, than one’s passion succumbs the energy over time. It’s difficult to do, if you don’t love to do it.

Let me clear further! Imagine, you are forced to a job, cent % to earn money. You can make your mind correlate to your disliked actions, say circa few months, to the maximum. Further on then, you force yourself to get out of the bed every morning to pursue your non passionate actions. As you iterate it, stress increases and if it hits the permissible stress, the building or material collapses, mechanically and mentally. When mental health goes down, lifestyle lowers, span narrows.

Learn to control your mind! Or else, Mind controls you!

On contrary, you do what you want to do, and you make your doings proportionally to fit the need of the world, your mind drives you; You find peace, the utmost goal of a soul.

Here’s where, ikigai has a full priority to get implemented in your life.

How to find your ikigai to lead a meaningful lifestyle? The core of this blog boons here!

Finding your Ikigai

Finding your ikigai is detailed by two sequences: primely, self analyzing yourself, ‘what you are good at’, that also meets ‘what you love to do’. Second one implying ‘what the world needs’ and ‘how the world can pay you for your prime one’.

Everyone’s presence has a uniqueness. Likely, everyone has a unique skill that they are well versed of. If you can’t get in your oneness, here’s where a way to find it, is explained.

“Ever experienced how time went off, while you are engaged-in doing something? Like time flies off when you are with your loved-ones!

Ever willingly attempted to pursue on something?

Have you ever been deaf, not listening to around, while doing something?

– That ‘something’ is your ikigai. May it be reading, typing, playing, solving maths, photography or anything else. That’s what you love to do! If you master it, that’s what you are good at!”, says Hector Garcia, co-author of Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life!

At the end, we all strive to find ourself!

The reason why majority regret for leaving out passions is that inability of wisdom to drive your skill to make money. If you are able enough to see the economic side of your passion, your ikigai completes wholly and you wake up with a sturdy reason and passion.

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Relating to health

Ikigai adds value to your day. When you fathom how the day would be, mind de-stress out the knot. Thus it is proven that ikigai correlates with lower stress and overall healthy life, statistically. It has a effective influence in the functioning of prefrontal lobe. As you do your passion, you are far less irritated with it. This leads you in peace, further in balancing on the secretions of dopamine and serotonin and β-endorphin. When the soul is in peace, body correlates to maximize the efficiency, abiding the longevity of humans.

Life fulfills when soul meet your actions!


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